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Healthy Shopping Online – Importance Of Organic Food

The fact that organic food is better for you than the commercially available foods is not new.

Naturopathic physicians have told us for many years that organic is better. Organic foods are foods that are
raised and processed without the use of additives, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Now doctors, health
organizations and an ever-increasing numbers of people are switching on to the fact that organic is healthier.

In an article published recently in the Journal of Applied Nutrition it showed a comparison of the nutrient
levels of some everyday foods such as sweet corn, pears, apples, potatoes and wheat. It was found that the
commercial varieties were extremely lacking in nutrients compared to their organic counterparts. Not only
were they less nutritious they also contained a much higher level of toxic heavy metals.

Some of the examples of the nutrients that are much more abundant in organic produce compared to commercial
produce are: Chromium, whose deficiency is linked with adult diabetes and hardening of the arteries, was
78% higher in the organic products; Selenium protects against cancer and heart disease was a massive 390%
higher in organic foods; Calcium is 63% higher in organics and coupled with Boron, 70% higher strengthens
bones and assists in preventing osteoporosis.

Lithium is prescribed by doctors in tablet form to help prevent depression is 188% higher in organic foods,
perhaps a visit to an organic food shop would be better than swallowing so many tablets.

Magnesium is used by the body to assist with the muscles. This in turn reduces the risk of heart attack, stops
muscle spasm and can even reduce the symptoms of PMS is a staggering 138% higher in organic foods compared
to non-organic foods.

With the numbers that are involved in the differences, you could actually switch from non-organic to organic
foods, cut you food consumption in half and still be getting more nutrients than you are now. You would also
be reducing the intake of a number of minerals that are far lower in organic foods.

Aluminum was 40% less in organic foods. Aluminum is linked with the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Lead
is 29% lower and Mercury is 25% lower, reducing the risk of neurological damage. There are a number of other
studies that have linked the use of certain pesticides that have reduced the vitamin levels of plants that
they are applied to.

All this points simply that it is much better for you to eat organic over non-organic foods. This has been
scientifically proven and some of the facts are stated here. The difference between the two is not because
organic tastes better; it is not killing you and is actually making you healthy at the same time. You don’t
even need to miss out on some the finer things as there are now a wide range or organic products including
organic eggs and organic chocolate sources, so even the chocolate cake can be made much healthier for you.

The down sides to organic foods have always been the price and the availability. With an ever increasing number
of organic food shops and you can get organic foods online and even some supermarkets are now stocking organic
produce the availability is no longer a problem, but the fact is; it does cost more per pound to buy organic
over non-organic foods.

There is something that you can do about that as well. The fact is that we typically eat too much. We need
to eat more non-organic foods to supply our body with the nutrients that it needs to survive; so eating organic
foods simply means that you have to eat less of it to do the same thing, which helps in weight loss, less
bloated feelings and better all round health.

You do not need to go 100% organic from the start. It is easier to start off smaller and you will find that
you will naturally increase the amount of organic foods that you eat because it is better for you and tastes
better, too.

If you cut the amount of processed food and start eating more fruit and vegetables and nuts you will notice
the benefit. You could then replace some of the commercial foods with organic. This life style change will
make you feel younger and healthier than you have in a long time. You will need to eat less than before.
Less organic foods can cost about the same as more non-organic foods and make you feel better at the same

There are some organic items that are quite expensive including eggs, cheese and beef. The benefit of the
nutritional value and the taste of eggs and beef far outweigh the additional cost. Buying imported organic
cheese is not as expensive and you also have the benefit of knowing that EU countries do not use growth hormones,
antibiotics and pesticide infected milk products to make their cheese as it is banned. So buy imported cheese
and you will be better off.

If it is not possible for you to switch 100% to organic foods, please do as much as you can and read the labels
of the products you are buying. If you see artificial flavors and colors, hydrogenated oils or high fructose
corn syrup listed, please find another product. The manufacturers will soon get the message that we do not
want this stuff. We can all make a difference.

Go to your organic food stores, look at the organic foods online, go organic and you feel younger, healthier
and happier than you have in a long time.

Now that you know the importance of organic food, shop for these great foods online, such as organic chocolate
for a real treat.

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