Ultimate Thailand Healing Retreat Experience – Garripoli’s Chiang Mai Health and Wellness Trip

Francesco Garri Garripoli, a wellness advocate and Qigong instructor, is the author of “Qigong: Essence of the Healing Dance”, and “Tao of the Ride.”

As the Chairman of the Qigong Institute and an Emmy Award-winning producer, his PBS-TV documentary on Qigong and instructional DVDs are respected around the world.

Just visit Garripoli’s website WujiProductions.com to learn about the multiple awards he has won for his acclaimed Qigong DVD series. You can also learn about the various study groups that he has lead to locations in Asia since the mid-1990s.

We are delighted to present an in-person interview with Francesco so you can learn more about his upcoming health and wellness trip to Thailand and China.

Chiang Mai, Thailand, in April

Tao Garden Chiang MaiSandy Breckenridge: Francesco, besides teaching Qigong across the globe I understand that you plan, lead, and even teach this ancient healing art during some pretty fantastic study groups. Specifically, can you tell us about the upcoming April Thailand trip to Chiang Mai, and what lead you to choose this particular destination?

Francesco Garripoli: Thanks Sandy…first I would like to say it’s really a treat to be part of HealthNewAge.com.

Being a person who has oriented his life toward things spiritual, healing and personally empowering, I have been leading our study and healing trips to sacred places in China, Thailand, and elsewhere for many years.

I find myself so very moved every time I go to Thailand. It is a Buddhist nation, and not just by name; you can see how nearly everyone practices this beautiful philosophy and their lifestyles show it. Our group study and healing trips immerse us in this world through staying in a small village far from the cities.

The healing center that is at the heart of our trip is an amazing mix of Eastern and Western healing modalities bathed in the magic of the Thailand experience.

Qigong Exercises

Qigong Group ExercisesSandy: Can you provide an overview of what students and participants might experience and how they are inclusive of something for everyone.

Francesco: All our Qigong Study and Healing Trips use the ancient, personal healthcare exercises of Qigong as our focus. Even though many people who come on these journeys have never practiced Qigong before, the gentle stretching, breathing and meditation that we do each day is a great way to set our intention toward our personal healing.

We work with excellent Masters in each country and everyone receives personal healing treatments each day. I know this is what most people really enjoy the most. On our Thailand Trip for instance, people receive two amazing treatments each day and they can choose from a wide array of offerings.

Thai Healing MassageSome people like to mix Eastern modalities like Thai Massage or energy healing with Western modalities like detox therapies, blood chelation, or ozonation. This combination of healing treatments are done in an exceptional, tropical setting which offers a life changing experience.

Plus food is really important to me being Italian, so the three meals we receive each day are organic and delicious, with many custom tailored dishes that support the individuals healing and taste preferences.

Thailand Healing Retreat & Spa Group Benefits

Sandy: Can you explain why going to this Thailand healing destination as part of your study group may offer students a better experience verus going by themselves.

Francesco: After leading groups for nearly 15 years, I have learned a lot about how to help people take best advantage of their two weeks in a foreign country. I am so grateful to have excellent connections and friends overseas that make a trip like this a joyful and effortless adventure. Our trips are much more than just a tour, or visiting a retreat spa, because they are also practice and study groups.

Also, it is important to mention that as we help our students embrace and focus on healing and self empowerment, the last thing those in our study group trips need to worry about are the travel details. People who come on these trips often tend to be nurturing types – people who work hard to help people when they are at home – so when they come on our study and healing trips, they finally get to lay back and receive.

Garripoli QigongSandy: Will students have a chance to have multiple opportunities to experience your personal Qigong teachings while on the trip?

Francesco: Yes, people who come on our study and healing trips get to practice Qigong with Daisy Lee of RadiantLotusQigong.com and me every day. And the trip includes visiting some awesome temples that tourists rarely get to see. The experiences are gently woven together to offer everyone a rich opportunity for balancing and enriching the holistic inner connection of body, mind, and spirit.

The Qigong practice and spiritual temple experiences accent the focus and intention of all the treatments of each individual and the group experience during the journey. We have many group photos where you can see the before and after effects of the trip experience.

Radiant Lotus Qigong with Daisy LeeWe also are available to help as we “check in” with everyone as they go through the healing process. Amazing things happen during the inner journeys each trip member experiences.

Sandy: What are the specific dates and details for this next tour.

Francesco: Our Thailand Study and Healing Trip is soon, it is from April 18 – May 4, 2010 and we have a few more openings for anyone ready for a transformational health and wellness trip to this Thailand health and wellness location.

First we all meet in Bangkok and stay two nights in an exquisite hotel. Then we head north to magical Chiang Mai for two precious weeks.

Our next China Study and Healing Trip is from September 16 – 30. It has always been the second two weeks of September since 1997! We start in Beijing and then head to the wonders of Guilin. During the whole trip we are accompanied by one of China’s most renown Qigong Masters.

Sandy: Are you also planning future Thailand Healing & Study Trips?

Francesco: I’m doing my best to make our Thailand Trip an annual event. But one never knows. I get pretty busy with my Qigong workshops around the world, writing, and my software projects.

Transformational and Healing Stories

Sandy: I have read some testimonials and seen pictures of those who attended your health and wellness tours. Can you share a story or two of the transformations you have witnessed.

Francesco: Wow, we’ve brought hundreds of people on these healing journeys over the years, and maybe one of the best “testimonials” is that each year, about 25% of our participants return after attending a previous trip! That’s a great sign that these adventures touch people in a deep way.

I’ve seen mothers bring there daughters and watching them come together and bond in ways they had only wished before. I’ve seen couples come and get closer and build their relationship on a new foundation of healing.

We had one couple that were each 76 years old and this was one of their first “dates”… they are still together 8 years later and going strong!

I’ve seen people come with health challenges that they thought they’d have to live with forever, and realized by the end of the trip that everything was possible…and these people write me every now and again and it makes me smile…and the experiences they share remind me why I lead these sacred healing trips.

Also, it is important to mention that when people learn that we run our health and wellness study group trips as educational experiences through our non-profit Kahuna Valley organization, they can write off up to 60% of the trip cost. So they also receive an added bonus! They receive a big tax deductible donation that the IRS supports.

Sandy: Very fascinating. Francesco, thank you. What benefits, not only do they receive tax perks, but a study group experience with you and Daisy Lee also pampers them since they do not have to worry about all the travel details. Since you return over each year I can only imagine how many other benefits are passed on to your group members.

Thank you Francesco for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share this interview.

Thailand Trip

Date: April 2011
Place: Thailand, Chiang Mai Mai Study Group, Healing Retreat
Contact: Francesco Garripoli & Daisy Lee, Thailand Trip Information

China Study Trip

Date: September 2011
Place: Various Sacred China Destinations
Contact: Francesco Garripoli or Daisy Lee, China Trip Information

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