Tequila A Health Drink, Really. Read This First

Some love it; others pull their faces even before downing a shot. Yep, its tequila.

In recent years, tequila is getting some serious attention. From high-end bars and the social media posts are raving about this drink, and there is even a tequila national day.

So what is so special about this clear drink? Simply, tequila is very low in sugar. It has zero carbs if drank neat. Plus, it has very low calories. Therefore, in comparison with other alcohol drinking, tequila is rather not that bad. Still, it is not a health drink.

Yep, some people are under the belief that tequila is a health drink.

You can browse the Internet, and there will be tons of articles praising the wonders of tequila for our health. But how much of them are the truth? Well, none of them. Tequila is not going to strengthen your bones or act as the miracle weight loss cure. In truth, there is not one research studies that has confirmed the benefits of tequila for our health.

It should be said that there are some possible health-boosting properties within the agave plant and the agave sugars, which is called agavins. However, the alcoholic drink there is no health benefits.

Still, tequila might be better than other spirit based drinks, or even cocktails, as it is low in sugar and has only 69 calories per ounce, and no carbs. This is all due to the distillation process.

There are some tips you can follow to make sure tequila is a healthier drink. But it is not tequila that is the bad one in the mix, it what is added to this alcohol that is the problem and drives the caloric intake up. Therefore, what you can do is to leave out the soda. Soda is loaded with sugars and sugars equal calories. Rather use a seltzer water or even club soda to tequila. You could even add some sparkling mineral water, although you might not like the mineral and sodium content in the cocktail.

Then again, stay away from margarita mixes, especially those pre-packed mixes. The thing is that they are mostly artificial sweeteners, sugars, and additives, but also high-fructose corn syrup. Rather make your own margaritas so you know that is in the drink.

In addition, if you are going to drink tequila, then opt for the silver tequila. That is since; the silver tequila does not have congeners. Congeners is a compound that is produced during the fermentation process. The problem with congeners is that they can lead to some bad and oh-so-long hangovers. For that reason, a sliver tequila can leave you with less of a hangover than other types of tequilas.

In addition, if you have gluten or wheat sensitivity then you can drink tequila, as it is not made from grains.
Just be careful of tequila that has been added with caramel coloring, as these will be higher in calories and sugar. What is more, do not overdo it. If you exceed the alcohol intake, you can have severe health problems. That is since alcohol is inflammatory. Moreover, you can develop digestive issues, more so the alcohol can damage your nervous system or affect your blood sugar levels. Alcohol can also increase your risk of developing mouth, breast, or colon cancer.

Some cocktail ideas with tequila

Sunny winter cocktail

For those that love clementine soda and little fruits, then this cocktail is the one for you. It is a mix of clementine, triple sec, tequila, and a sprig of marjoram combine for a bright winter cocktail.

Sparkling paloma cocktails

A citrusy refreshing drink that you can enjoy at New Year’s celebrations or alongside the pool during summer. It is a mix of fresh grapefruit juice, lime juice, and sparkling water make the core of this gently bubbly drink.

Kombucha margarita

A ginger kombucha that is fizzy drink, but that combines a splash of tequila, lime, and triple sec to make this no-sugar-added margarita.

The last drop of utterance

Just remember, that no alcoholic drink is healthy. Still, from all the types of spirits available then tequila is the okay to drink now and then, but in it pure form and without added sugars, or as a cocktail mix.