Tattoo removal: These are your best options

A quick visit to some of Europe’s less developed regions like Spain and Greece will often makes you feel in the minority, if you do not have a tattoo. Well, whether you love or hate tattoos is a personal matter – but so is it also when you want to remove it. Perhaps tattoo removal is the very last thing people think of when they opt in for their first “work of art” and perhaps it is true that regrets can come a bit late. Fortunately there are options available. In this article, we will look specifically at some of the options mentioned on

Tattoo removal cream:

The alternative to costly laser treatment is indeed cream. This is also useful since certain lasers remove certain colours and there may be residual ink marks even after laser treatment. But beware, there can be harmful substances such as TCA, Acids, or Hydroquinone which is actually banned in many countries. Among the many creams that were discussed, Trufade appears to be the only one that is certified by dermatologists. Sure, there are other non-certified options too, for example Tat-med, Fade away and ProFade. Yet you probably want to opt for the best possible product to avoid further harm.

Laser treatment:

As mentioned, it is more costly – and does not remove all colors in cases where artists went a bit wild. In the US, we do have some of the best laser technology, so if you have the time and money it can be a viable option.

Covering a tattoo:

Yes, some people are either on a budget or delaying the ultimate treatment and opt to cover their tattoos. However given the extent to which people go with tattoos today, I think you’d agree that walking around in full cover linen and looking like a monk was not exactly what you had in mind or was it?

More on tattoos in America:

We did say that it is prominent in certain parts of Europe, but likewise do we have a huge tattoo culture in the US. This is because according to NWI Times, more than 10 million Americans have a tattoo – and there are just short of 4500 tattoo clinics and shops across the nation. Most people feel that they made a mistake and the common view is that as one changes over time, so does your desire for certain fashions and trends.

Interesting facts or perhaps a huge shock?

  • Now, there are even those who add tattoos on their eyeball. This is a dangerous procedure that can lead to blindness and other complications in the cornea.
  • Excision with scalpel and stitching needs to be used in extreme cases
  • Yellow and green are almost impossible to remove with laser – thank goodness for cream
  • Tattoos are no modern trend! The Egyptians did that with mummys – and evidence suggest it has been around for 5000 years

Think carefully before you get a tattoo – or even opt for something more discreet if you really want to. Clearly removing it will be just as painful as adding it in the first instance.