The Tapping Solution DVD Shares Before and After Stories Demonstrating Healing Results

The Tapping Solution DVD (Try It On Everything) is a documentary film created and produced by Nick Ortner.

What you learn and experience in the DVD is a phenomenal companion to Patricia Carrington’s latest book “Discover the Power of Meridian Tapping: A Revolutionary Method for Stress-Free Living.”

This one hundred and twenty two minute film is created in a no nonsense, real life, down to earth format and features many prominent gurus from the health and psychology fields today.

Tapping Solution DVD TestimonialYou hear from Joe Vitale, Dr. Joe Mercola (of, Jack Canfield (co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series,) Bob Proctor, and several other well regarded health professionals.

In addition to the easy to recognize who state their feelings and beliefs about EFT or “tapping” throughout the film are the real “stars.”

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Meet Ten Brave Souls Ready for Change

Meet ten everyday people from all over the country hailing from various walks of life suffering from some physical or emotional (or both) trauma. These average Joes open up their hearts and souls to the viewer in this touching and inspiring documentary on the emotional freedom technique known as meridian tapping (EFT) or just “tapping.”

Tapping Solution TestimonialEFT combines ancient Chinese acupressure techniques with modern day psychology to relieve people of physical pain brought on by stuck energy caused theoretically from holding onto painful emotion events.

The film explains briefly the premise of tapping and then leads the participants, with the cameras rolling, through active tapping sessions dealing with each individual’s specific problem or pain.

Many of the participants show varied emotions as they bravely open up their hearts to the world in the hopes of gaining relief to what pains them.

At the conclusion of the film seven of the ten participants return to the original site of the four day retreat in Stafford Springs, Connecticut six months later to discuss any improvements or changes in their lives since participating in the weekend and learning the tapping techniques. (No mention was made of the three participants who did not return.)

Six Months Later the First Glance Says it All

From first site the returning participants had a different “air” about them. They seemed to smile more, look better, be more self confident and had an overall more positive energy and appearance than when the viewer first meets them and during their four day retreat.

These participants reported amazing changes in their lives. Those suffering from physical aches and pains explain that they have been pain free since the retreat and able to once again do many of the activities they once had to watch.

Other participants who had suffered grave emotional hurts said their lives had drastically changed for the better and although life wasn’t perfect they feel better than they ever imagined they would.

Tapping Solution DVDThe difference in the facial expressions of these participants before, during, and after the retreat speaks a thousand words. The change is evident and makes one really inspired to try simple tapping in their own lives too.

Although unfortunately the DVD doesn’t get into much detail about how to use EFT or tapping the book by Patricia Carrington, Ph. D. gives a detailed explanation of the entire tapping process. If you buy the DVD you will want to buy the companion book because you will definitely want to try this technique on yourself and also share it with others.