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The 11 Health Benefits Of Mangoes

Holistic Nutrition

Mangoes, or Mangiferi Indica, are sweet, delicious fruits, but they are full of health benefits. That is since mangoes are packed with minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients. These fruits are native to India and Southeast Asia, and since 4000 BC Buddha used to meditate and teach his disciples underneath the branches …

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Zola Acai Juices and Super Fruit Smoothies Review

Zola Acai Juice Bottle of Original

Zola Acai Juices and Smoothies are gaining popularity and for a good reason. Acai products are all the rage. Touted as a health product with weight loss properties, acai supplements are made from a small purple berry grown in Brazil. This berry sports a slightly chocolate aftertaste which leaves consumers …

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