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Have you ever wondered what the letters in Taebo stand for? According to one person who took Billy’s classes,
it is an anacronym for Total – Awareness – Excellence – Body – Obedience.

Taebo from Creator Billy Blanks, is energizing and explosive. TAE-BO is the hottest workout in America. It’s
fun, it’s simple to learn, and best of all, it works! It’s TAE-BO: the future of fitness. And here’s an audio
book that tells you the ultimate way to fitness for the new millennium.

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Your Spirit, Your Mind, and Your Body The Taebo Way!

Everyone from superstar athletes to celebrities to people of every fitness level has experienced the incredible
effects of TAE-BO. Now, whether you are one of the thousands of dedicated TAE-BO enthusiasts or are thinking
of trying it for the first time, The TAE-BO Way offers the key to the full spiritual, mental, and physical
benefit that TAE-BO offers.

In The TAE-BO Way, you will learn more about the program than any videotape alone can offer. Here are the
inner secrets of not just the fundamental techniques of TAE-BO, but he spiritual principles on which TAE-BO
is based.

About the Author

Billy Blanks developed TAE-BO, and people crowd to take classes at the Billy Blanks World Training Center.
He and his word have been featured on Oprah, E!, Entertainment Television, Good Morning America, and in People,
Esquire, and many national publications. He lives in California with his wife and children.

An assortment of Taebo Videos and DVDs

Positive Benefits of Aerobic Exercise:

Do you do aerobic exercise? Well, for the sake of your heart, you should! And your choices are quite broad.

A lot of sustained activities (need to sustain for at least 15 – 20 minutes to qualify as aerobic exercise,
include Aerobic activities include my favorite which is walking.

You can also exercise aerobically with sustained jogging, swimming, a good aerobic class, biking or even skiing

Aerobic exercise is good for your heart. Because regular aerobic exercise conditions the heart as well as
the lungs, it offers excellent cardiovascular benefits.

This is because aerobic exercise increases available oxygen to the body and helps the heart to use oxygen
more effectively.

Of course, no one should rely on exercise alone for a healthy heart. If you are at risk for heart disease,
you should also look at other risk factors including smoking, your diet, your blood pressure and your cholesterol

The heart and lungs aren’t the only parts of the body that benefit from aerobics.

You can reduce body fat, increase your energy levels, tone your muscles and be in a better mood by taking
that 15 – 20 minutes per day to work out aerobically for good health.

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How often should I work out?

Most fitness folks suggest working out three times a week. However, the intensity of a workout depends on
the shape you are in when you start.

Be honest with yourself. If you have been sedentary for a while and not working out, then go slower than you
would if you were in better shape.

Other things to remember rink more water because you’ll be losing more when you start working out regularly.
Cool down slowly to avoid lactic acid build-up in the muscles.

Eat lighter before you work out. Just common sense stuff that we often forget about.

Tae-Bo Workout:

Billed as the “future of fitness” and hawked by numerous celebrities, Billy Blanks’s Tae-Bo actually
deserves much of the hype it’s receiving.

A mixture of boxing punches and martial arts kicks, Tae-Bo is fun and easy. One of the best elements of this four-tape
set is that the first tape (which is 40 minutes long),

Tae-Bo: Instructional, lays out the movements you need to successfully complete a workout.

Once you’ve mastered the steps, you won’t have to fast-forward through half the tape to get to the workout,
nor will your workout be slowed down by the repeated lessons.

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Treadmills (New or Used) are popular because they provide an indoor means for walking or running. A treadmill
is a type of exercise that is not only worthwhile but enjoyable for most people. Basically, a treadmill consists
of a wide belt that is stretched over a bed and around two or more rollers.

Most treadmills are powered by a motor, but some are powered by the user. Motor choices include AC or DC powered.
An AC motor commonly runs at one continuous speed and relies on a transmission to regulate speed. A DC-Powered
unit uses variable voltage to regulate the speed at which the belt spins.

Choose a model that has a wide belt and one that is long enough for your stride. If you plan on running more
than walking, choose a treadmill with at least a 1-1/2 horsepower motor.

Better units will also have some type of cushioning between the belt and bed, a feature that you will appreciate
if you jog or run on the machine. We stock both new and used treadmills.

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