Super Stemmys: Doris and the Super Cells

Two Children Engrossed in Books

Super Stemmys: Doris and the Super Cells by David Granovsky isn’t the average kid’s book.

When we read stories to our kids, complex topics like stem cells seem a tad bit unapproachable.

However, David Granovsky decided kids need to be aware of their body’s brilliance and took on a complex subject by finding a way to share in a really great story.

Shedding Light on Function of Stem Cells

The all important topic of stem cells is brought to light in this short, easy to read book published by the Repair Stem Cell Institute. Stem cells can be a complex, hard to grasp subject, but in Super Stemmys David Granovsky transforms the topic to a simple one that even most elementary schoolers can get.

Two Children Engrossed in BooksToday, stem cells and stem cell research are hot subjects both in the medical community and amongst politicians. This short, illustrated book brings the facts on stem cells to light and allows the reader to easily see the importance of this.

In this story that takes on a comic book narrative, the star stem cell, Doris, is waiting to one day become a stem cell who’s in the line of fire; who’s actually been put to work and given an all important job to do.

The Repair Work of Super Stemmys

The jobs of the various stem cells or stemmys, as they’re referred to here in Super Stemmys, are to repair. Repairing the eyes, heart, lungs, provide energy, help the blood, whatever they’re asked to do. These amazing little cells work hard and are relentless in their work to strengthen, heal, and repair the different parts of the body.

As Doris waits to get her mission she is met with taunts, jeers, and even a nasty virus that tries to stall her efforts before she’s even begun. But Doris is a strong little stemmy with an equally strong will to follow her life’s mission and help the body to live and be healthy and strong.

In fact, it’s been Doris’ secret desire to become a heart stemmy and have the honor of working on the powerful heart. The other stemmys suggest that she’s a bit too small for this job. But when the heart begins to break down who will General Luke choose for this life saving battle?

You’ll just have to read Super Stemmys to find out.

This is a simple, humorous look at the sometimes heated and uptight topic of stem cells and stem cell research. The book is a paperback and some of the proceeds of the book are donated to educating patients about the benefits of repair stem cells to help them and their conditions.