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Welcome to Healthynewage press releases. We help professionals in health, medical and pharmaceutical to reach their target audience through effective press releases.

“If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on publicity..”, Bill Gates


Growing a medical brand and managing online reputation through press releases in highly relevant online magazines and news sites is key to raise interest with your target audience. By continuously sharing expertise with your audience and being available in the search results of a wide variety of press outlets will differentiate you from others in the field. The public does not read academic papers – instead they make use of reputable online magazines aimed at public audiences – which help them make decisions. Information is key in making decisions about lifestyle and medical treatment.

Press essentials: 

Medical press releases are typically to inform the public and medical communities about news worthy information as opposed to blunt advertising. One of our press consultants can work with you to craft the perfect pitch for inclusion.

Press release benefits: 

  • Search engine visibility (SEO): Get found when people search for your specialism in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other indexes.
  • Reputation management: Press releases tend to replace negative publicity by presenting the publics with facts and information
  • Unique content: Each article spread across various publications will be uniquely crafted to ensure a wider spread among search engines. We never duplicate the same article within 2 different distribution partners.

Distribute news to top online health brands:

Our distribution partners include, Consumerhealthdigest, Healthcanal, Harcourthealth, HuffingtonPost.

Who we work with:

Our clients include dental clinics, private hospitals, government health agencies, private clinics, medical specialists from all fields, pharmaceutical brands, other sports apparrall.


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