Strengthen your core muscles – Gentle tips for your body style

Your core muscles actually help you stabilize and strengthen your pelvis and spine and this is why it is important to develop a powerful core in order to make your entire body stronger than ever before. Not only should you strengthen your core but the total body but if you ask the experts about some particular portion of the body that needs to be taken care of, it would definitely be the core. The core is not the combination of the 4 major muscles which the abdominal group, the rectus abdominus, transverse abdominus and the internal and external oblique. Once your core becomes less powerful and you will understand how tough it is to move around. Hence here are few ways in which you can strengthen your core and get an overall development of your body.

Crawling – Why is it so important?

When you crawl, it sets up an X pattern which is the basic pattern for all kinds of athletic movements. When you walk or run, your arms always move in the opposite direction to your leg and when you rotate this movement 90 degrees, you end up crawling. In that position, you can feel your muscles to be stabilizing as they have added pressure of gravity which acts on them. An exercise like plank is a very good example when it comes to teaching people about abdominal stability.

As soon as you find yourself being able to perform such exercises pretty easily, know that it’s time for you to keep moving on to plank exercises like crawling. The low-speed, low-load activities allow you to feel what’s going in your body and thereby ensure your movement is right. While doing this, your hips should stay flat and they shouldn’t rock from one side to the other. The spine should stay flat throughout. What next?

Pelvic bowl

Lie down flat on your back and with your knees gripping towards the floor and allow your arms to rest on both sides. Raise your hipbone as high as you can towards the ceiling and hold on to that position momentarily. Raise left hipbone slowly and shift it. Gently sway from the right to your left as if you had some bowl of soup between the hip bones and you’re gently rocking that without spilling it off. Perform 15 repetitions as you count right and left.

Pelvic tilts

For pelvic tilts, you have to lie flat on the back with your knees and feet gripping the floor. Then lift up your hip towards the ceiling in the position of the bridge and then place your thumbs on ribcage with your middle-fingers on the hipbones. Tilt your pelvis towards your ground, thereby expanding the distance between thumbs and fingers. The two movements from downward to upward and you should perform 15 cycles.

Therefore, if you’re eager to get a healthy body by strengthening your core, make sure you follow the above mentioned exercises and practice them daily.