Quit Smoking Tips: Health Supplements and Easy Smoking Cessation

Stop Smoking Tips: Health Supplements to Restore Respiratory
Health and Help You Quit

Is it ok to smoke just one after I quit?

This is a common idea which generally occurs to the mind after withdrawal
symptoms have abated, which usually takes about 4 weeks.

That is probably the most precarious period in a smoking cessation timeline. It’s really no different than the alcoholic
thinking they can drink “just one beer.”

A smoker may feel they can handle just having one cigarette but the reality is that one will eventually lead to
others, if you were ever addicted in the first place so don’t fool yourself.

Effective Smoking Cessation Formula: The Stop Smoking UltraPack

How Does The Stop Smoking UltraPack Differ from Other Approaches?

Designed by a qualified clinical psychologist and ex-smoker the UltraPack:

  • Prepares your body physically for the nicotine withdrawal before you start.
  • Contains all herbal and homeopathic ingredients ensure maximum support
    and minimum harm.
  • Is unlike many Stop Smoking programs and OTC products, the Stop Smoking UltraPack includes no Nicotine Products.
  • Comes at a fraction of the cost of other programs.
  • Total cost for two months supply costs you far less than the price of cigarettes for the same time at an
    average of 20 a day. After that you win all the way.

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Facts About Smoking

Question: When do most people start smoking?

Answer: Some may assume that smoking is a choice made mostly by
adults. Unfortunately, statistics tell us that most smokers begin when they are teenagers. Many teens still think
smoking is cool and a lot of teenage girls start smoking to lose weight.

Question: Are there side effects to stop smoking products?

Answer: Yes. Using a nicotine patch may cause insomnia
or a skin irritation. Watch the area around the patch and talk with your doctor if sleeplessness becomes an issue.
The nicotine gums may cause dyspepsia and/or sore mouth. If using a nicotine nasal spray, you may experience

A nicotine inhaler may cause sore mouth and throat while nicotine lozenges have even more possible side effects,
including throat irritation, hiccups, heartburn, indigestion or mouth soreness. If you are considering Bupropion
SR please note that this drug is contraindicated if you have seizures or eating disorders so be sure to alert your
doctor if either is the case. Possible side effects from Bupropion SR include insomnia and dry mouth.

This information courtesy of The United States Department of Health and Human Services .

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