Herbal Peppermint Vapor Heightens Brain Function While Helping You Stop Smoking

Who wouldn’t enjoy increasing their brain power while curbing calories at the same time.

What about a way to build stamina while at the same time eliminating the desire to smoke tobacco or other substances?

This newly discovered device can even help people relieve stress while driving while also improving lung function.

The following is an interview with Tanya Moreau-Smith, the founder of Femlogic Inc., a California based company offering some very special products.

Started with Interest in Healing Properties of Herbs, Vitamins and Minerals

Sandy Breckenridge: Thank you Tanya for this interview!

I am looking forward to learning more about you, your company, and what lead you to create the Essential Breathing Pipes. First can you give us a little background on yourself and tell us when you launched your company, Femlogic Inc. and the vision you have for your company?

Tanya Moreau-Smith: First, thank you Sandy for your interest in the Essential Breathing Pipes. I’ve been interested in the healing properties of herbs, vitamins and minerals for as long as I can remember.

Tanya Moreau-Smith PictureMy brother and I grew up with two body building, life guarding parents, raised on health foods and we were shown the power of diet and supplements on humans and pets.

The beginning of Femlogic, Inc. started when a friend gave me a tiny jar of incredibly expensive skin cream made by a major manufacturer. I was amazed at the price tag and decided to research the ingredient list to see what all these unrecognizable chemicals were. Then came the shock as I discovered a list of toxins, skin irritants, cancer causing substances and such that made up the ingredient list!

Until this point in time, I was under the misnomer as so very many others, that the price tag of a product and fancy packaging had a direct impact on quality and product effectiveness. More research led me to believe that I could in fact do better with my knowledge of herbs, rain-forest elements, and vitamins and minerals. This realization launched Femlogic and the Essential Potions brand.

Creating Alternatives – Essential Potions Non Toxic Products

Sandy: So, you began by creating healthy personal care products to fulfill your need for quality non toxic products.

I can appreciate how much research and knowledge you put into creating the Essential Potions brand. What a beautiful assortment of items you have for so many needs.

I often do research on natural personal care products that claim to be healthy before buying them. I visit Skin Deep, the Cosmetic Safety Database by Environmental Working Group because they offer facts on each ingredient in most products on the market. I find that even so called health products still can have harmful ingredients in them.

I noticed Femlogic is also a member of the Natural Products Association. We certainly look forward to learning more about your full line of healthy products.

Tanya: Yes, and we are also a member of the ICMD, or the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers and Distributors Organization, along with the Better Business Bureau. Our mission is to create products that contain no parabens, propylene glycol, formaldehydes, deet, or other toxic substances. We also do no animal testing and our products are cruelty free.

Research on Benefits of Peppermint

Sandy: I look forward to learning more about each of your Essential Potions, too.

What lead HealthyNewAge.com to discover your line of healthy products was a recommendation by one of your customers who shared your newest addition: your various designs of Peppermint Breathing Pipes.

Herbal Vapor PipeHow in the world did you ever come up with the idea to create these fantastic pipes? I absolutely love my little Lucite Vapor pipe with the special little case, as shown in this picture. I now have two favorites and I use them all the time. So tell our readers what lead up to the creation of your Essential Breathing Pipes?

Tanya: I am always doing research. I came across a series of new studies when researching ingredients to include in our Essential Potions. This one study was funded by NASA and NSF on the effects of smelling Peppermint.

The study was performed by Dr. Bryan Raudenbush PhD, Department of Psychology, Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia. Then I found another study on Peppermint’s effect on weight loss and hunger management which was done by Alan Hirsch, M.D., neurologist, psychiatrist and the founder of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago and Human Neuro-Sensory Laboratory in Washington D.C.

These studies revealed that Peppermint oil aromatherapy naturally aided people in quitting smoking, curbing the appetite and controlling hunger cravings, and could cut 3000 calories a week in fat and sugar.

They found peppermint aromatherapy and vapor therapy could also dramatically reduce stress and aid in relaxation, increase brain and athletic function, and could even help keep drivers stay alert at the wheel. Other benefits included easing headache symptoms and stomach pain and spasms. The list went on and on!

How to Deliver Peppermint Vapor Therapy?

Organic Peppermint OilThis got me thinking about how to deliver this amazing peppermint oil vapor therapy in a convenient, enjoyable way. A great deal of a smoker’s pleasure obtained from cigarettes or pipes is the oral and tactile repetitive action, the deep breathing and calming that the movements provide.

So why not utilize the good derived from this ancient habit, practiced by cultures all over the world for centuries and make it a healthful experience as well! Thus the Essential Breathing Pipe was born.

All of us are living with a great deal more stress and anxiety these days, so having a stress management tool in hand any time you need it is like having an instant pressure release valve! You feel a wave of peace come over you with the first breath of peppermint vapor.

Birth of Peppermint Vapor Breathing Pipes

I developed methods to retrofit existing vintage cigar and cigarette holders and pipes – works of art in many materials including amber, sterling silver, gold, bone and hard woods. Our goal to create a pocket or personal aromatherapy – herbal vaporizer device lead to the creation of my own line of Essential Pipes, all powered only by one’s breath. Our pipes require no batteries or chargers, butane or storage tanks. We are creating many pipe designs to suit every taste, but all work in the same simple and efficient manner.

Some of our newest designs involve American wood crafters and artisans, others coming will involve American metal workers as well as cast versions. We have created a new direction and audience for sales of pipes and holders with our Essential Breathing Pipes. Some of my newest designs have gemstones in them and wire work.

Our mission is to redirect the negative health issues associated with smoking tobacco by replacing the fixation on smoking with smoke free aromatherapy and herbal vapor offering health benefits instead.

We can actually help people to stop smoking and replace their bad habit with healthy breathing, a delivery system to help control weight while dramatically reducing stress. Just imagine breathing in peppermint vapor will keep drivers alert, and also heighten brain and athletic function. There are many more healthy benefits, and many yet being discovered.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a powerful device that relieves their stress levels these days! So this is how the Essential Breathing pipes came to be.

Products From Nature Versus Mainstream Chemicals and Toxins

Sandy: What an amazing story. Can I ask how the market interest is embracing your new pipes. I have heard rumors that they are catching on in Hollywood. Can you tell us more about your marketing efforts and the best way to purchase one of your pipes?

Tanya: Many of our customers purchasing Essential Breathing Pipes and Essential Potions skin care items come to us from word of mouth referrals.

Yes, I can tell you that the rumors are true, some very well known celebrities in the film and music industries have purchased our Essential Pipes and Potions.

As life becomes more complex and stressful, we’re finding that more and more people are seeking products derived from nature and while steering away from mainstream chemicals and toxins.

That’s not to say these products are not innovative or cutting edge, on the contrary. Scientists the world over are making incredible life changing discoveries studying elements of nature, from Ellagic acid in berries inhibiting skin and many other cancers,  to “bee” propolis and it’s effect on the immune system, cancer, herpes and much more.

By incorporating these wonderful ingredients into our products crafted from rain-forest herbs to ocean plants, we provide state of the art science in a jar or pipe full of nature.

Where to Find Peppermint Vapor Therapy Pipes

Essential Breathing PipesSandy: Thank you Tanya for your time and for your offerings that support people in their journey to health and wellness.

We wish you much success and have little doubt that the herbal therapy that is delivered via your vapor pipe, vaporizer aromatherapy devices will be a huge success along with your very special personal care products.

Love this great image by the way! And what a beautiful cat!