Stop Smoking Plan That Works, Natural and Safe Way to End Tobacco Addiction

Find Healthy and Effective Ways to Stop Smoking

Are there side effects to stop smoking products? Yes.

Using a nicotine patch may cause insomnia or a skin irritation. Watch the area around the patch and talk with your
doctor if sleeplessness becomes an issue.

The nicotine gums may cause dyspepsia and/or sore mouth. If using a nicotine nasal spray, you may experience nasal
irritation. A nicotine inhaler may cause sore mouth and throat while nicotine lozenges have even more possible side
effects, including throat irritation, hiccups, heartburn, indigestion or mouth soreness.

If you are considering Bupropion SR please note that this drug is contraindicated if you have seizures or eating
disorders so be sure to alert your doctor if either is the case. Possible side effects from Bupropion SR include
insomnia and dry mouth.

This information courtesy of The United States Department of Health and Human Services.

Effective Herbal Stop Smoking Support

The Stop Smoking
UltraPack : Stop Smoking in Eight Weeks and Never Smoke Again.

Learn about the phenomenal natural approach to tobacco addiction, called the Stop Smoking UltraPack, that goes beyond
physical cravings and helps you slowly, safely and more comfortably release tobacco from your life.

Physical addiction to tobacco can be overcome within 3 or 4 weeks but unless the psychological addiction is also
addressed, most people start smoking again. Find out about a program that attacks tobacco addiction on all levels
for your ultimate success in becoming a non-smoker.

The Stop Smoking Ultrapack consists of three powerful products, designed to help you with every aspect of smoking
cessation that you will encounter on your path to becoming a nonsmoker. The three products are

  • Crave RX
  • Rx-Hale
  • Triple Complex Nicotonic Tablets

Each product functions specifically to address certain areas of withdrawal symptoms.

How Does the Stop Smoking UltraPack Work?

Stop Smoking Tips and Health Supplements to Quit in Eight Weeks and Never Smoke Again.

You’ll read more about each part of this comprehensive stop smoking program below.

All herbal and homeopathic ingredients ensure maximum support and minimum
harm. This program costs way less than smoking cigarettes, so it is a program you can easily afford.

Step One: (Four Weeks)

Preparation is important. Determine your quit date. Start using Rx-Hale Tablets one month before your Quit Date
to prevent depression and anxiety and to stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent weight gain.

Start an exercise program and/or start a new hobby. Identify “vulnerable” areas and change these while
still smoking normally.

Step Two: (Four Weeks)

Quit date arrives. Throw away, trash or burn all cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters and anything associated with smoking.
Continue with exercise program, hobby, and Rx-Hale Tablets.

Use Crave Rx Drops three to six times daily to reduce nicotine craving, control appetite and prevent the weight
gain often associated with quitting.

If you experience mood swings or a “short fuse syndrome,” suck Triple Complex NicoTonic Tablets when needed
to reduce restlessness, bad mood and agitation.

Reward yourself at the end of this month with a gift equal in value to what you would have spent on cigarettes.

Step Three: Ongoing

Now you are a Non-Smoker, maintenance is essential.

Physical addiction to most substances is “cured” after 3 or 4 weeks. Now you have to overcome the psychological

Continue with Rx-Hale Tablets and Crave Rx Drops for at least months. Don’t let your exercise program slip. If you
feel restless or irritable, suck a Triple Complex NicoTonic Tablet to calm yourself.

Be on guard all the time – “only” one cigarette is one cigarette too many for any Quitter. Reward yourself
at the end of every month.

Celebrate your quitting anniversary every month. Never give up giving up.

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