Making Stone People Sets for Divination, Intuitive Readings, and Chakra Balancing

Learning from Stones – Learn Lessons of Wholeness and Awareness
Through the Power of the Stone Nation

The Stone People in my life have taught me much.

When I did my first Moon Lodge, I did it outside and upon a huge Stone that had grown into the side of a tree.

It was an experience in opening ancient memory and I’ve never forgotten that initial connection with Stone
Medicine in a spiritual sense.

I received a vision for making Stone People guidance and energy sets from that six-hour Lodge and, for quite
some time, made and shared them with others. That phase of the work has ended, except for occasionally making
a set for gifting. However, it was so strong a time for me that I felt it might be useful to share the experience
here, for those who might be feeling drawn to work with the Stone Nation.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of non-human teachers, it is based on vibration. All that is has a
vibration of the One. Each living, breathing piece of Universal Life Force on this planet has lessons it
can give us, adding to our wholeness and to our awareness. In subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) ways,
we are gifted by Nature each time we take the time to open to those gifts.

These are not the gifts of the lecture or workshop. These are inner gifts that unfold in our lives as we simply
hold, work with and respect the vibrational truth of non-human teachers. Who are these teachers? Stones,
Trees, Animals, Water, Wind, Sun, Moon, Earth.

How do we work with them? Open. Pray. Connect. Ask. Just holding a Stone Person we’ve been drawn to, in an
open and respectful way, will begin to release vibrational gifts. This is why we will instinctively reach
into an entire basket of crystals and take hold of a certain one. We may look at lots of crystals but keep
coming back, or maybe we can’t even lay the one down that has chosen us. We just end of buying that one.
Or we walk along a creekbed and out of thousands of Stones, we find one or two that we just feel compelled
to hold and rub. Touch is a way of energy transfer and Stones respond to touch just as humans do. It is a
way of asking for more.

If you are being drawn to work with the Stone Nation now, you may find that one of the Sacred Stone set ideas
below can help. Feel free to make your own set, based on the visions I was given, or to branch off from these
ideas as Spirit directs you.

Tips for making Sacred Stone sets: Prayer and ceremony are both ways of signaling the Stone Nation that you
are serious about your intent and that you are approaching this energy in a respectful way. To awaken the
Godforce energy stored in the Stone(s) with which you are partnering for growth, spend time praying about
the direction of the set and even the making of it. You may be guided to gather your Stones from a certain
source or at a certain time of day. You will most likely be guided to use certain colors of paint, should
your set included painted symbols. You may even receive symbols in meditation and/or dreamtime, if you ask
for them. Smudging the Stone People is also good. It is a ceremony of honor.

Making Sacred Stone Sets Guidance from the Stone Nation

Element Stone People are chosen with prayer and respect, and hand painted with symbols representing Moon, Sun,
Fire, Air, Water, Snow, Wind, Fog, Storm, Stone, Earth, and The Void. The Element Stones can be used for daily
readings, or whenever guidance is needed. They provide natural wisdom and earth-vibration healing.

Chakra Stones Stone People are chosen with prayer and respect, and hand painted with colors or symbols representative
of the 7 major chakras plus feet, hands, auric field, yin-yang, and the rainbow of all. The Chakra Stones
can be placed on the Chakras for balance and used to do readings whenever needed.

Energy Flush SymbolMu
Energy Flush Stones are Stone People that are chosen with prayer and respect, and hand painted with the Energy
Flush symbol, which has specific actions of cleansing and flushing chakras for balance and healing. A good
set for healers. Stones are placed on the corresponding Chakras and spun, An understanding of the 7 major
Chakras helpful.

Portions of this article excerpted from Moon Lodge Visions: An Acceleration Handbook

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