Study shows 5 simple steps to lower premature births in rich countries

A new study suggests that if the word’s 39 richest countries were to implement 5 simple recommendations, about 58 000 premature births could be prevented each year. The same study also said that by reducing premature births $3 billion could be saved in terms of medical expenses. In the United States alone more than half a million births are premature births. So the US will benefit the most out of the recommended steps by saving more than half of premature birth related expenses.

There are 5 evidence based interventions that are known to reduce premature births. The researchers assessed the impact of each of them. Here they are:

  • Make sure that the woman doesn’t smoke or at least stops
  • Supplementing the pregnancy with progesterone
  • A cervical stitch
  • Not relying of cesarean when not necessary
  • Not abusing on multiple embryo transfer in the case of assisted reproductive technology

According to this study published in the Lancet, if those interventions should be implemented, the rate of premature births will reduce by 8% in the USA and by 2% in the UK. The average of 5 percent reduction in premature birth has been qualified to be shockingly small by Dr. Joy Lawn, of Save the Children. She said there should be more research done to reduce further the number of preterm births.

Every year 15 million babies are born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. Of that number 1.1 million babies die. Most of premature baby deaths are recorded in poor countries where there is not adequate care provided for the survival of the baby. The issue of premature baby deaths is the focus of the World Prematurity Day, which is set on the 17th November.

Some few tips to prevent premature birth

Observe your weight. By eating too much sugary stuff during pregnancy you may end up developing a condition referred to as gestational diabetes and that can increase labor risk. You should not lose too much weight either, it may still increase the risk or the baby coming out prematurely.

Drink enough water a day. Did you know that dehydration can lead to involuntary contractions? Make sure to take at least 8 glasses of water a day. That will keep your baby put throughout the 9 months.

Don’t hold on when you need to pee. You may end up inflaming your bladder by keeping your urine in for too long. In the long run your uterus will get irritated and start contracting. Keeping your urine in can also lead to urinary tract infection which is another cause of premature birth.

Eat more often than not. When pregnant, you need to eat more often than you used to compared to when you were not. Remember there is 2 of you now. You need to also provide for the baby inside you. So 3 regular meals and 2 snacks will decrease the chances of you having a premature birth.

Consult your doctor. There are screening tests used to help determine whether a woman is at risk of premature birth or not. You might want to go for them just for safety reason. Anything to save the baby is always a good idea.