Forget Passionate Kisses – The Night I Saw A UFO

More Interesting than Passionate Kisses: The Night I Saw a UFO

I remember the event Vividly though it has been many years.

I was spending the night at a friend’s house. Her older
sister had gone out on a date that night and we heard the car pull in as she and her date arrived back home.

at that age of curiosity, we quietly got up and peeked out the window, hoping to get a glimpse of “smooching.” We
were not disappointed.

As we watched my friend’s sister and her date, extending the long goodbye, I noticed something out of the corner
of my eye. Looking up and to my right, I saw something in the sky, at tree top level (small trees, at that). It was
an round disk with lights around the bottom, that were different colors and blinking. They were hypnotizing, those
lights, and for a moment I just looked, motionless and unthinking. Then, the impossibility of what I was seeing seeped
into my mind and I frantically nudged my friend, who gasped as she saw the object too. The kissing lovebirds were
completely forgotten, needless to say.

For at least a full ten seconds, this impossible thing remained completely stationary there, at the tree level,
in the sky. Then, it went straight up at a speed so rapid that, in less than a second, it was completely gone from
view. Now you see it, now you don’t. All I really saw was a blur of light as it started upward. Then, it was just

Well, I don’t think my friend and I said anything at all to each other. Not a single word. We simply went to bed
or that’s what I remember. Having grown in my awareness of and connection to the Star Nations since then, I now realize
that we were put to sleep and perhaps, programmed not to remember but for whatever reason, I did remember although
I can’t be sure even now that I remember everything that happened that night.

The next day at school, after holding it in as long as I could, I told one of our classmates. My friend was there
when this happened and I desperately looked to her for confirmation as the snickers came from the person I’d told.
She blushed bright red, started to laugh and basically said I was crazy. I never mentioned it again, but I never

I consciously knew nothing of Star Nation, or extraterrestrial connections then but now, I have indisputable spiritual
awareness that we are being helped by those on other realms, to accelerate and grow. This knowledge increases in
me with each passing day.

Whatever we can do to foster more understanding and receptivity toward the communications and energy transmissions
that are being offered, the better for all of us.

Yes, there are fear vibrations that exist as well but I’ve never had a fearful experience with E.T.’s other than
that which I created by my own lack of faith and resistance. I think they have not always understood how traumatic
some of the contacts have been for us and it has taken some strong light workers to communicate this to them. I know
they are working for our evolvement and acceleration as a planetary family.