Stairlifts can make your life so much easier

Stairlifts go a long way not only to help businesses comply with equality and disability laws, but also to improve the comfort at home for those who need it most. When a sudden illness or disability makes it difficult to use a home with stairs, the traditional way of thinking was to relocate to a single level home, but thanks to uniquely designed stairlifts, you can resume an almost normal life in your multi-level home.

To live with dignity among other members of your family and to feel proud of your home when inviting guests over, wouldn’t you love to have some more fancy options, such as a curved or outdoor stairlift? Well, at AgeUK, they are a step ahead when it comes to the look and feel of modern stairlifts. Not only do they provide great functionality, but they are indeed appealing to the eye – especially when compared to other products out there. Let’s take a look at some of the options currently available:

Straight stairlifts:

Available from AGEUK

When you have a narrow staircase, the best option is to think carefully about space and go for a straight lift. As you can see – it occupies minimal space and it almost looks as if you have a neat chair against the wall, at the bottom of the staircase. Off course you can opt for all sorts of different colours. The example here is in red. What is great about the straight stairlift, is you can also stand on and lean against it, without the need to actually sit on the chair.






Curved stairlifts:

Available from AGEUK

The curved stairlift is quite unique and it looks great. It solves a space problem if you’d like the chair to be out the way – and it also moves around corners and up spiral staircases. It certainly is a piece of innovation compared to traditional stairlifts, hence the popularity. Due to the fact that the rails are a custom fit, it will be as if it was made for your home.







Outdoor stairlifts:

Available from AGEUK

Whether you have a swimming pool, garden or terraced space outdoors – a solution is available to get you there. A part of living a normal life is being able to move outdoors with your family or whenever you feel the need to get some fresh air. Thanks to custom dimensions, there are very few limits as to what you can achieve with outdoor mobility, right there in your own garden.







What to think of when choosing a stairlift:

As you can see, your choice of stair lifts is not limited to one model and there are things to consider in making the best choice. First you would need to consider the purpose of the lift: Is it for adults, children or what weight class does it need to support? Or is it a multi-use stairlift for a public facility? Then you should think about your budget. It may be that aesthetics comes first when you do not have a big limit – or it could be that you have constraints, in which a perfect option would be reconditioned stairlifts. You also want to be sure that the provider has nationwide coverage and the ability to reach you quickly for servicing and repairs. Choosing a stairlift is for your comfort, so make sure you find a solution that will make your life easy each time you use it – and whenever it needs professional service.