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Boost Your Energy Level and Promote Shorter Recovery Times With All
Natural Herbal Sport Supplements

Holistic Health Solutions for Sport Recovery and Energy Boosts when Working Out

Find your favorite extreme energy sport formula to boost long and short term stamina and performance during physical

Herbal energy boosters can provide the boost your need to get through your workout and perform the sports you love.
Natural energy supplements boost stamina and energy without over-stimulation if taken properly.

HealthyNewAge is pleased to offer sport recovery support formulas and extreme energy boosters.

Learn About Natural Herbal Energy Boosters

Boost, Natural Energy Booster

Unlike caffeine, energy boosting products do not result in headaches, jittery nerves or ‘caffeine let-downs’ later
in the day but allow your body to naturally recover from exercise by providing the herbs and nutrients that help
the body perform optimally.

Natural sports nutrition includes a balanced diet. It is not enough to depend on endurance recovery time formulas
or fatigue-reducing products alone. The muscles require sound nutrition to function properly and the majority of
this nutrition should come from the food you eat. However, it is nearly impossible for a sports-minded female to
eat all the right foods and sport nutrition for woman in the form of herbal products can provide that boost she needs.
Hydration before, during and after activity is also crucial to sport recovery.

When a woman or man exercises strenuously, muscles use the amino acids, oxygen, and byproducts of creatine. In fact,
ATP is a byproduct of creatine that allows muscles to contract. After contraction, the ATP turns into ADP which,
after absorbing any available phosphate, again becomes ATP, ready for muscle use. In order words, without the right
body chemicals, you’ll become totally exhausted after only a short exercise session. Sports recovery depends on the
body’s availability to the amino acids, oxygen and nutrients that allow muscles to return to a functional state quickly.

Muscle recovery sports supplements provide the body with energy recovery; sport time can be extended long enough
to help the body develop tone, muscles, burn fat and other desirable side-effects of sports and fitness activities.
While the body may produce enough amino acids to recover from minor exertion, without herbal energy boosters and
muscle recovery products, it is unlikely that you will have the energy to thoroughly work your body into truly health
and fitness.

You can supply your body with its recovery needs and you’ll be able to go through your sports activities feeling
energetic and motivated when you find the right all natural energy boosters that don’t compromise your health.

Medical Doctor Formulated

Triple-Boost provides a smooth all-day stream of energy without central nervous system stimulants. It can be used
daily without the risk of “burn-out” that occurs with other energy products. Precision formulated to work
in three ways:

Brain Chemistry: Supports the brain chemistry mechanisms that regulate mood and energy levels.

Energy Conversion: Supplies key nutrients involved in the body’s “energy furnace,” the mitochondria of
our cells. Other key nutrients convert fatty acids and glucose into energy.

Adrenal Glands: Adaptogens support the adrenal glands, which are key to maintaining consistent energy levels and
feeling a sense of vitality.

Boost, Natural Energy Booster – An All-Day Stream of Jitter-Free Energy for Brain, Muscles & Adrenals

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When you are looking for Energy,
Endurance, Performance, and Strength Enhancement Formulas you want supplements and herbal formulas that not
only boost your energy but also help your performance.

Creatine – Sport and Fitness Formula

Creatine is a naturally occurring compound in muscle tissue and functions as an energy reservoir to maintain optimal
levels of ATP production during intense exercise. Creatine may be especially useful for those doing short-term, intense
(anaerobic) exercise.

Physical Activity and Boost your Energy Levels with Creatine Sport Formula

If you are looking for high energy food for extreme endurance sports, or natural herbal sport supplements there
are many specially formulated to herbal formulas to support your body in all types of physical activity.

Be safe and give your body the fuel it needs by taking natural products rather than risk ingesting manufactured
formulas or steroids that run the risk of damaging your body.

Extreme Energy
and Endurance Sport Formulas