The Special Occasion Gifts: Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Birthdays, Vacation

Daily Valentines and Special Occasion Gifts

We often forget to share our sentiments until a special occasion or holiday event approaches.

You may enjoy this little poem offering some good advice to embrace throughout the year.

How sweet to get a valentine Of plain or fancy art, A rose so pink and violets, too. Or satin-covered heart.

But more than beauty or design, We prize the words that say The sender’s love comes with the gift In quite the warmest

We like to know that someone cares, That someone wants to do The kindly deed that makes us feel Well loved and happy,

So why not give expression then, To love for friends so dear, Not only on one certain day But many times a year?

Our valentines may be a smile, A cheerful word or two, A helping hand, a tender glance That signals, “I love

And if we often take the time To give these friendly signs, The world will soon be brightened by Our daily valentines.

by Cleo King

Special Occasion Gift Baskets

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