DVD Review: Soul Masters Starring Zhi Gang Sha & Zhi Chen Guo

Soul Masters, directed by Sande Zeig, is a documentary study into the art and science of soul healers. When Dr. Sha did a healing for Zeig’s father, her father in American and Dr. Sha in China, she was inspired to let others know of these masters’ great work.

In Soul Masters, we see these two doctors, one in the East and one from the West, working together and interacting with respect, humor, gratitude, and honor. Master Sha was a student of Master Guo and took his skills into the West where miraculous healings are now achieved as well as in China.

Soul Masters Documentary with Zhi Gang Sha & Zhi Chen GuoThis film documents some of the workshops where these Masters perform healings. In fact, the Chief of Police of the Youth Assembly at the United Nations, dependent on a cane to walk on his arrival, is shown being healed and offering to give his no longer needed cane to anyone who would like to accept it. The DVD Soul Masters documents real people, just like you and me, and does not contain actors. There is no facade about Zeig’s film — it is clearly created on-site during real workshops and shows real healings. It shows the faces of people as their lives are touched and, frankly, actors could not show the joy and expression of relief from pain and suffering in a vivid a manner as these real people.

Master Sha offers free healings remotely via teleconference and Sunday Divine Blessings where free healings are offered for which there is no fee whatsoever. This is his way of honoring the Divine for the gift of his skills and talents.

Other topics addressed in Soul Masters includes karma cleansing, healing of mental burdens from traumatic events of the past, and always focuses on gratitude and caring for the human soul.

The film, Soul Masters, can offer you a glimpse into the world of Chinese methods of healing. The concepts presented in the film are unique and expressed in a way that will touch you. If you have any interest in Qi Gong, Eastern medicine, natural healing, or have reached the end of the road in seeking conventional treatments for a so-called “incurable” or chronic physical problem, this film may open the door for you to blend Chinese Medicine and other Eastern modalities with your current health program. Watch it with an open mind and an open heart and it will touch your heart and soul.

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