Soul Leadership Embodiment: 3 Ways to live and lead from your heart with grace and ease

3 Ways to live and lead from your heart with grace and ease

We have grown accustomed to the millennial generation being focused on living a purposeful life. According to a study by the Korn Ferry Institute, it’s actually 70 percent of U.S. adults who now say it is important that their actions help make a positive difference in the world.

So, if you are striving to live a more meaningful life, you are not alone.

Spiritual teacher and coach Natasa Stojanovic says, “Most people think that once they find their purpose or discover their gifts, all will be set, while it is really only the start of their journey.“ 

Natasa knows this fact from her personal experience and over 20 years of working with heart-centered leaders and wayshowers from around the world. 

She adds, “The moment we commit to truly living our calling, life invites us into more expansion, more authenticity and more soul aligned, embodied leadership.” 

She shares how we face our greatest fears, our limiting beliefs and how we learn to lead the way from a place of vibrancy, grace and flow. Our intuition accelerates and we learn to trust and translate that into grounded, inspired action.

“Very often there is a choicepoint where we need to take the leap into the unknown – no matter what others might think.“

Natasa has walked that journey herself. After an experience where her whole life was suddenly shaken upside down and she was close to total burnout, she experienced lots of excessive fatigue and recurring illness. 

“Luckily, I am also a trauma informed Energy Psychology practitioner and had taught stress reduction and burnout prevention for years, so I knew what to do,“ she shares.

“First, I had to break through the pattern of perfectionism of who I thought I had to be as a single mother. It was necessary for me to release the false identity I had built for myself. But the greatest breakthrough happened when I realized that I had been holding back due to fear of losing love and connection with family and friends if I followed my true heart’s dreams and soul calling.“

That was the moment everything started moving. As she made it a priority to follow her heart unconditionally, she had an awakening experience where she expanded her intuitive gifts by opening to the ability to channel Ocean Light Language, which is a transmission of highest frequencies of sound, light and information for healing and activation.

Natasa knew the acceleration of her healing gifts had to be shared.

“With that decision, I had to embody my truth, heal my deepest fears and unloved patterns, and take the leap into the unknown.” 

Today, she is not interested anymore in working with those who are solely interested in growing their business for the sake of status and money. 

“I work with truly heart-centered leaders, wayshowers and individuals who strive to elevate consciousness and co-create a world of peace, wellbeing and freedom for all – whether that ripples out into families, communities or the world. I am passionate about helping them stand in their power, leadership, vibrancy and flow, so they can truly live their soul calling and highest authentic expression from ease, grace and confidence.“

Following are Natasa’s 3 top tips for Embodied Soul Leadership:

  1. Show up for yourself as you would for others

Instead of a harsh discipline, make your self-care a consistent act of self love. Every day ask yourself, “What is my highest contribution to my body, mind and spirit today?” or “How can I treat myself in the way a most compassionate, loving friend would?”

  1. Consciously create flow

Find out what circumstances, activities, environment or ways of being create a high probability for you to be in flow, and incorporate them into your daily life, so you can take inspired action with ease.

  1. Embody your highest authentic expression

Use your medicine. Embody what you teach. Walk the talk. Your soul calling invites you to lead through embodiment and expansion of your deepest, truest authentic self. On that journey you will also transmute a lot of limiting beliefs and conditioning, and support from a coach, healer or other professional might be very helpful.

“In my experience, high-achieving leaders will be challenged to learn to create more flow and to trust their heart over their mind. Lightworkers on the other hand will be invited to bring their guidance down to earth, be in their body and take inspired and grounded action. Returning to our true authentic self alludes to all of us.

We have all it takes inside of us, it is just a matter of consistency and knowing how to unleash it.“

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