Some consider prostatectomy to be a better choice

Treating prostate cancer often requires open prostatectomy. The procedure has numerous issues, including increased pain and loss of bodily functions. Even with the use of laparoscopic surgery, the tool is only able to provide a limited perspective.

The introduction of robotic prostatectomy, however, has significantly changed the medical procedure. Below is a detailed discussion on this treatment to understand why it is a better choice than open prostatectomy.

Open prostatectomy

The most common surgical method for prostate cancer and related conditions is an invasive procedure where an opening or laceration is made on the skin in order to operate on the affected area. Certain organs might also be removed in order to gain access to the area. Surgeons mostly utilise their hands when performing the operation.

Open surgery provides better visibility and control than laparoscopic surgery. Surgeons are able to directly see the affected area and are able to provide treatment without using any complicated tools. This procedure is also widely used across the globe.

The disadvantage for this type of surgery is that it requires creating a large incision and the possible removal of organs. This often leads to heavy blood loss and high risk of infecting the surrounding organs. Open prostatectomy can also cause irregularities such as erectile dysfunction and decreased bladder control.

Laparoscopic Prostactemony

As the name suggests, the procedure utilises a laparoscope and specialised tools to operate within the affected area. This allows the surgeon to operate without having to make a large incision. There are a variety of scopes used, including the laparoscope, which utilises a camera to provide a clear display of the area through a monitor.

Because of the small incision, patients are able to recover faster and experience less pain after the procedure. This is due to minimal disturbance of the surrounding tissues. Laparoscopic surgery also allows surgeons to avoid exposing internal organs.

The problem with laparoscopic surgery is its limited motion range and depth perception. The tools used for this procedures are a long stick shaped instruments which fit into the small laceration. It takes a significant amount of training and practice to manipulate these tools in order to perform basic treatment. The scopes used for this procedure can also only able to provide limited visibility.

The limitations of seeing and manipulating the affected area is the reason why laparoscopic surgery requires someone who is trained for this type of procedure.

Robotic Prostactemony

Robotic prostatectomy is a more advanced minimally invasive surgical procedure than laparoscopic prostatectomy. This procedure often uses the da Vinci system. It utilises four robotic arms which can be controlled from a central console. Each of them are able to mimic the movement of a human hand, allowing for complicated manoeuvres. The da Vinci system has an improved camera which provides a clearer 3-D high resolution image of the target area.

This type of prostactemony has the same advantage as laparoscope. However, the use of the da Vinci system gives more control and visibility to the surgeon. This allows them to significantly lessen the risks of a laparoscope prostatectomy procedure. There is less chance of the patient to require blood transfusion due to decrease blood loss.

Despite the advantage of robotic prostatectomy, the problem with this procedure is its availability. The da Vinci system requires a steep learning curve in order to fully utilise it. Due to its proprietary system, it is not possible to modify the system and make it more accessible to more practitioners. The da Vinci’s system is also expensive. This makes the robotic surgery limited to a few medical centres within Brisbane, Sydney, Cairns and anywhere else.

By knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each prostactemony procedure, you can choose the right one for your condition. It is essential to ask your physician to assist you with your choice as well.