From Smoking to Vaping: What To Expect When Making The Switch

Vapers. You’ve probably seen them, those people who puff on tricked out electronic vaporizers, creating wafts of cool steam that vanish into the air almost instantly. They seem to be smoking, but you never see them strike a match to enjoy their device. They don’t use ashtrays and their clothes and hair smell fine. What in the world are vapers doing, why are they doing it, and is it time you joined the club?


A brief history of cigarette smoking


Cigarettes have been a part of society practically since the days of Sir Walter Raleigh. He, in case you’re wondering, was one of the first European explorers to come home with tobacco from the New World. Hand-rolled, unfiltered smokes were popular among American cowboys and, by the time the ‘roaring’ 1920’s rolled around, cigarettes were seen by society as a liberating fashion statement. For decades, cigarette smoking featured in movies, and virtually any Hollywood starlet could be seen with a cigarette in her glamorously gloved hand. Doctors, celebrities and future presidents featured prominently in cigarette advertisements, and all seemed to be well in tobacco land.


Are electronic cigs safer than smoking?


In the second half of the 20th century, something changed. It became entirely evident that cigarette smoking might not be as healthful a habit as was once believed. Warning labels appeared on cigarette packages. Ads touting tobacco were no longer allowed on television and billboards that once puffed smoke rings to a fascinated public went the way of the dinosaurs. Still, people continued to smoke cigarettes despite their best efforts to quit the habit.


In the 21st century, many savvy smokers are giving up the habit in lieu of satisfying their cravings with electronic cigarettes, more commonly known as e-cigs. So, are they safer? A number of experts certainly think so. John Britton is a professor of epidemiology at the Royal College of Physicians. Here’s what he told CBC News about e-cigs: “E-cigarettes represent an important means to reduce the harm to individuals and society from tobacco use. This is an opportunity that should be managed and taken.”


Professor Linda Bauld of Stirling University is the deputy director of the U.K. Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies. Recognizing the fact that people continue to smoke despite health risks, Bauld agrees that vaping may indeed be a healthier alternative to lighting up and inhaling an analog cigarette. E-cigs, she says, deliver nicotine in a cleaner form than deadly cigarettes. While not necessarily healthy on the whole, there’s a good chance that e-cigs vapors are easier on the lungs than hot inhaled smoke. “This is what tobacco harm reduction is,” she said. “It reduces the harm from tobacco while recognizing that some people will still use nicotine in other safer forms.” Daily Mail UK notes that there is a consensus among experts that smokers who wish to quit their habit may do so easier and more effectively with the use of electronic cigarettes.


If you are an adult who enjoys the stimulation and relaxation you get from a cigarette, e-cigs might be just right for you. You can enjoy a vapor puff in places that do not allow for the smoking of cigarettes. You can choose your own flavors, too.


Vaping herbs


You’ve been wondering when we’d get around to mentioning the second most popular use of vaporizers, weren’t you? We understand that you and your adult friends may use vaporizers to enjoy other sorts of aromatic smoking blends. Frankly, we’re all for it. To see a splendid selection of vaping products and engage in friendly banter with other like-minded vapers, visit a website like Vaporizerblog and join the conversation.


A vaporizer is a gadget that’s used to raise the temperature of an herb to the point where the active components are released in vapor form. When vaped, the smoking blend is not combusted, scorched or burned in any way. The vapor that is inhaled and subsequently released may look like smoke, but it’s not. Nor does it contain tar, benzene, toluene, naphthalene or other toxic chemicals that make smoking such a dire health risk.


To smoke or not to smoke is a question that each adult must answer for themselves. Things done judiciously and in moderation may be better for your health than anything you tend to overdo. If you wish to enjoy inhaled vapors and you do so responsibly, good for you.


Riley Nicholson used to be a 40 a day smoker, but was terrified of the damage he was doing to his body. Though not being able to kick the habit entirely, Riley now enjoys vaping, and encourages others to give it a go and better their health.