Sleep and your health: 10 benefits of a memory foam mattress

The quality of our sleep can make a significant difference in how we feel. When switching to a better mattress for example, it is quite common for people to report back: “My usual 5 hours of sleep felt like 9 hours, amazing! A lot of this has to do with the unique properties of high quality Memory Foam Mattresses.

When talking about Memory Foam Mattress, it generally refers to a high-quality material mattress that is greatly ideal for your sleeping. The mattress is composed of a high-density foam that is soft and importantly energy absorbent. Memory Foam Mattresses provides a variety of mattress standards and therefore you ought to explore options and be sure of the best mattress that meets the needs of your sleep. On that note, in the following discussion, we are going to look at the major benefits of Memory Foam Mattress.


Pressure point Relief

Essentially, Memory Foam Mattress came into being as a medical application. It was introduced into the field of medicine so that it would offer protection, cushion, and comfort to patients in Wheelchair cushion seats or in Intensive Care Unit. Ideally, when a person lays in a particular position for a long time, the upward resistance and the pressure of downward gravity pulling in the bedding materials damage the body tissues caught in the middle. Use of Memory Foam Mattress in such instances minimizes back pain in the affected sensitive areas and importantly prevents sores as a result of pressure. The mattress does not place additional upward pressure or push back on the sleeper.


Spine alignment/support Back

One major important thing of a memory foam mattress is that it supports each and every part of the body evenly and independently by spreading your body weight across the surface of the bed. Additionally, the mattress takes care of the curves of your body, supporting the lower part of your body and importantly ensuring that your spine lies in a neutral position. Moreover, the high-density mattress also makes sure that other important materials such as weight and springs are concentrated in an area that is in contact with the mattress. The entire support provided to all the body parts ensures that your back is fully supported and significantly your spinal cord is aligned properly.


Prevents and relieves pain

In addition to pressure point support and relief, memory foam mattress is set to relieve any form of pain and prevent the pain as well. Majority of people who own memory foam mattress or who have used the mattress before having witnessed that the mattress reduces pain, especially in the hips, back and shoulders. As if not enough, this mattress material is also favorite for most of the people who suffer from conditions such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. By countering the body, offering sufficient support for body alignment and adding pressure to sensitive body parts, the body of the sleeper can experience sufficient comfort by using the Memory Foam Mattress.


Can accommodate different sleeping positions

The mattress does not specialize on any sleeping position, whether you enjoy sleeping with your stomach, sideways or your back, they can all be accommodated by the Memory Foam mattress. The Visco foam which is the most important part of the mattress is designed in such a ways that it can cradle each and every part of your body evenly allowing you to settle in your comfortable position without any form of pressure. Additionally, the product also has different firmness options which can be able to accommodate any of your needs. For side sleepers, the mattress accommodates your shoulders and hips while supporting your waist and keeping your spine intact. For back sleepers, the mattress foam curves your spine while providing sufficient lumbar support and importantly allowing appropriate relaxation of your back. Finally, for sleepers who love the stomach position, the foam supports your back effectively keeping it in shape and preventing any form of pressure.


Durable mattress overlays

One other important factor that is offered by the Memory Foam Mattress, is its lifespan and excellent durability. The approximate lifespan of the mattress is about seven to eight years. The higher density foam mattress, have higher lifespan than the normal form mattress. Besides its durability element, the memory foam mattress is relatively less likely to sag in comparison to the inner springs mattress. Apart from a cleaner bedroom and extra comfort, the mattress offers a perfect night sleep in many ways. People who own memory foam mattresses are high liked to report full satisfaction than people who use the normal mattress.


Easy maintenance

A memory foam mattress is very easy to care for in as much as upkeep is concerned. Some of the major ways in which you can keep up your mattress within a year is by rotating it a few times and vacuuming it occasionally. These are the two major maintenance techniques that an average user can practice. The tips are easy and do not require any complicated process to exploit it.


Provides temperature –Control Support

According to a research done by WebMD, your body temperature can greatly affect the manner in which you sleep. The Memory Foam Mattress is manufactured in such a way that they can adjust to changes in the body temperature and weight. The mattress is made using a temperature sensitive material which allows the mattress to adjust according to surround condition. When the temperature increases, the mattress becomes soft creating a conducive environment for sleeping. During the cold months, the mattress is able to retain extra heat, therefore, providing additional warmth and comfort. Furthermore, if you are warm-blooded and you want a cooling feature, you can consider the Memory foam mattress.


Allergic Friendly mattress

From a research was done by Health, safety online and environment, a mattress that has been used for some years contains about 100, 000 to 10 million mite and dust particles. The Memory Foam Mattress, however, is made of polyurethane makeup material which is made from fiber and importantly prevents allergic causing particles from collecting and accumulating in the mattress. Unlike the normal mattresses, the memory foam mattress is able to subvert the accumulation of allergenic elements which can be very harmful to sleepers.


Provides Motion Transfer Resistance

This is an ideal feature for couples. The mattress is able to absorb all the surface movements that takes place on bed when someone tries to move around the bed. This is very significant since it reduces disturbances at the time of sleep. It’s a convenient type of mattress for couples who have to turn and toss since the disturbances are very minimal.


Perfect fit for adjustable beds

In the recent world, adjustable beds have gained popularity and have actually become one of the most common beds everyone wants to get for his home. The Memory Foam Mattress is and remains one of the most compatible mattress for any adjustable bed. This mattress flexes well with an adjustable bed countering different base positions without compromising its durability. The nature and manner in which the mattress is made means that the sleepers can be well supported and importantly pressure point relieved at any angle of the bed. Unlike the innerspring beds, the Memory Foam Mattress can never be compromised in different positions.


In conclusion, while preferences and needs of sleep differ from one person to another, the memory foam mattress can offer excellent alternatives to standard mattresses. With their ability to provide a molded fit that is specific to your body as well as a natural pain support, the memory foam mattress is worth considering when doing your mattress shopping.