What is Your Skin Type? Find Out Here

What is Your Skin Type? Learn About Types of Skin and Superior Healthy
Skincare Products

What is your skin type?

Would you like to determine your skin type?

Our skin takes a beating from environmental factors including the very air we breathe, the sun we love to bask in
and the water in which most of us shower.

Even the water we drink often fails to hydrate our skin due to chemicals that have leached into our water supply.

This page has some general information on types of skin, to help you begin learning more about your best approach
to personal skin care.

Normal Skin

This is the skin we’d all love to have. Soft, plump and with small to medium sized pores. Normal skin has good elasticity
and is smooth and firm to the touch.

Oily Skin

Just look at most any teenager going through hormonal changes and you can see oily skin. It’s the only time in my
life that my own skin was overly oil.

Oily skin looks shiny and also has a sort of hardness to it that goes beyond the nice firmness of normal skin—a
sort of thickness. Pores are larger and more visible and, due to the excess oil, there’s more of a tendency toward
pimples, blackheads, whiteheads etc. with the oily complexion.

Dry Skin

If you see skin flaking off or your skin feels tight on your face, you probably are a dry skin type. However, sometimes
this dryness can be brought on by not drinking enough water, certain types of heating in winter, and being in wind
for prolonged periods so if you normally don’t feel that your skin is dry, then look to environmental factors as
the cause.

If you’ve recently changed soaps, that could be another factor. Soaps, in general, tend to be drying. Those with
added moisturizers can cause allergic reaction so if you have changed cleansing products lately and are experiencing
difference in skin tone, you may need to change again! There are other skin disorders that can produce the appearance
of dry skin type including dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis.

Combination Skin

Combination skin is like having a split-personality. One part may be dry while another is oily. The term “T-zone” refers
to combination skin types where the forehead, nose and chin are oily but the cheeks and the area around the eyes
is either normal or dry.

This will fit the majority of combination skin types except for a small percentage who may have symptoms such as
a pimply forehead or cheeks that are dry where all else is normal. In some cases, the skin could be normal everywhere
outside the T Zone and this would still be combination skin type.

Sensitive Skin

A person with sensitive skin has a lot more trouble with environmental factors than the average person. Their skin
burns more easily in the sun, they have more sensitivity to cosmetics (particularly if perfumed) and may experience
rashes or a burning sensation due to overexposure to wind, sun, and extreme shifts in temperature.

If your skin is easily irritated or fits into the other descriptions, you may be a sensitive skin type.

Learn about our top recommendation for sensitive skin types.

Learn Who and What Makes a Superior Natural Skin care?

Enzymes essential for metabolic processes start to rapidly diminish after our teens.

Zen Biotic products are enzyme-rich due to our cold extraction process, and in some cases may take over one year
to prepare.

Hot extraction processes in temperatures above 119 F kill these enzymes.

Rejuvenating oils found in plants, in their purest and most energetic form, enhance health. When altered with synthetic
chemicals, their fragile hydrogen balance is degraded.

Only pure, live botanical ingredients (that are kept live) without chemicals are used—via a technology that
provides nutrition to skin topically.

Plant oils and resins contain trace minerals, nutrients, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, antibodies, anti-viral, anti-fungal,
antibacterial, anti-infectious, antiseptic and immune stimulating properties.

The Cell Renewal Serum, for example, is packed with more than85 skin-enhancing herbs. The LNDT “digests,”delivers
the nutrients & accelerates bio-electrical activity in the cells, as in young, vibrant cells.

This skin therapy provides true moisturizing—since skin is 35% to 90% water, moisture in the form of water
is imperative for beautiful skin.

All of these products are made with water-soluble oils due to our technology. Only skin-enhancing enzymes and nutrients
are used. Traditional “moisturizers” can cover up the skin with a layer of oil that traps the moisture
that is already present if the oils in a moisturizer are not water soluble.

The Phyto-Moisturizer (for the face) is made up of herb-enriched purified water which penetrates deeply into the
cells of skin (and stays there) to add real moisture, lending to plumper, healthy textured skin.

This quality skincare system meets all the requirements for a truly superior skin care therapy.

More information on this can be found in our free online health magazine.

Aloe Vera as a Skin Care Agent

The healing and skin-soothing properties of aloe date back to ancient times.

Cleopatra used it and so did Alexander The Great. Herbalists have always known that a burn could be eased with the
juice of fresh aloe and that when aloe is applied to burns, they heal more rapidly. So what’s in aloe that makes
it so beneficial for our skin? Well, aloe contains 20 minerals and 18 amino acids to start with.

It is a natural source of Vitamin B-12 and contains 11 other vitamins as well. In all, aloe vera contains around
200 nutritional compounds. No wonder malnourished skin seems to literally soak it up! Interested in exploring aloe
as a skin care supplement?

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