Significance of Lidocaine Cream on Health

If you are suffering from back pain, then you can use lidocaine to get relief from your problem. It is basically a local anaesthetic used for dental and insignificant surgeries. The main reason why it is used is to control pain on the skin by numbing the nerves.

It is sold under numerous trade names like xylocaine or lidocaine and is available mainly in the form of an injection or cream. The injection form is given only under strict medical supervision for dental works, minor surgical procedures or skin grafts. The cream is available as over-the-countertop topical ointment.


For this reason, it is used in number of dermatological procedures and cosmetic procedures that can cause pain on skin. The effect of this topical cream remains only on the surface of the skin, so it is not used for pain which is felt or experienced below the skin such as muscle pain. After the application of this cream, it is very important to wash your hands and you should contact your physician, if in case you notice any adverse reactions.

The cream form of lidocaine is an instant pain reliever which starts its effect within few minutes of application. The most important aspect of this local anaesthetic is its short term effectiveness, so the effects wear off in a short time period. A person should strictly follow the usage directions mentioned on the label, failing to do so may increase the risk of causing side effects of this cream.

Skin Related Issues

Lidocaine cream is also used for treating certain types of skin conditions such as itching, pain or discomfort. These conditions may include insect bites, eczema, scratches, minor burns, etc.

Side Effects

After the application of cream, there may be mild symptoms such as redness in skin, tingling or lightening sensation which can be observed in some patients. These symptoms usually subside on their own in time. If in the case of severe allergic reactions like breathing discomfort, swelling, dizziness, etc. is observed then it is advisable to take immediate medical advice. One important thing which you should take into consideration is that prolonged use of this cream in excess can lead to several adverse effects.


  • It proves effective in treating burns, scratches, headaches, muscle soreness, chronic pain, arthritis, etc. and even sore throats.
  • The benefits of this cream are very powerful and almost immediate that a person can overcome his/her discomfort and pain almost instantly. Not only does it stop the pain, but also allows your body to address the issue and heal itself more readily.
  • Helpful in preventing chronic pain and inflammation caused by common types of ailments like arthritis. With regular use of lidocaine cream, the discomfort caused by the pain can be reduced to a great extent.
  • Our body’s natural response to pain is inflammation, which is a healthy and natural reaction until it is prolonged and our body enters the realm of chronic inflammation. With this type of inflammation often comes chronic pain, which begins to complicate into cause and effects harming cells. This cream stops the pain, which is necessary to begin the healing process.

Thus, it can be said that to be on safe side, it is advisable to take advice from a qualified physician before using this cream for therapeutic purpose.