Book on the Simplest Path to Spiritual and Planetary Transformation

Save Mankind from Extinction: “The Simplest Path to Personal
and Planetary Transformation, Step One, Free Your Mind”

By Mike Kay

In the same way that Caesar fiddled while Rome burned, Vincent Casspriano Jr. presents an impressive image
in “The Simplest Path to Personal and Planetary Transformation, Step One, Free Your Mind” that
we all may be sleeping soundly while our species accelerates towards extinction.

Despite this somewhat depressing assumption he produces amazing evidence that subtle forms of mind control
are preventing people from connecting with their spiritual destiny. He maintains that, if this can be overcome;
if everyone wakes up, we can save the planet (and ourselves).

Although it all sounds a little fantastical, Casspriano cites research into memes that has been conducted
over thirty years. Memes are infectious thought processes that spread from person to person and create an
illusion about reality. The illusions can be simple ones created by advertising or they can be more complex
‘memeplexes’ that result in complete belief systems like terrorist organizations, political parties and religions.
Personally, I’ve always harbored a suspicion that TV advertising contaminates your thinking.

Far from the “brains in brine” view of our reality, “Free Your Mind” reveals that our
spiritual freedom is available simply by waking up. “…we are sleeping because we lack sufficient energy
to wake up.” says Casspriano. His guidance is that we “should make a daily commitment to the elimination
of every self-serving belief from which our personal dream-lives are constructed.” In our house we make
sure we are not conditioned by TV adverts; we simply mute the volume… and it works!

Although Vincent Casspriano, Jr. is not averse to suggesting a few memes of his own, his research and explanations
make compelling reading. “The Simplest Path to Personal and Planetary Transformation, Step One: Free
Your Mind” is not just a theoretical treatise; it is a call to action requiring a world-wide culture