What is Shamanism? Can You Spiritually Connect to Other Realms?

Shamanism: Connecting with Multiple Realities: Part 1

What is Shamanism? Are psychotropics or hallucinogens necessary for Shamanic Journeys?

Spiritual Connection with Two Worlds, Functioning Consciously
with Both Third-Dimensional Reality and Spirit Realm Reality

A true shamanistic experience holds the potential for sheer terror because it intrinsically involves letting go
of seeming reality and further, merging third-dimensional reality with other-realm reality without losing the ability
to know which is which.

Enjoy reading this 2-part spiritual article on Shamanism.

What is a Shaman?

In my spiritual walk of faith, I have experienced Shamanistic journeying. There are those who would say this is
not true, because my skin is too light and my eyes too blue. Some would say it is not true because I did not get
to these other realms through the use of Peyote, Datura, Ayahuasca, etc. Some would say it is not true because I
have not trained with a Shaman and do not, in this present incarnation, come from a lineage of known Medicine Men.
Some would even say it is not true because I am a woman.

I no longer have any need to prove my experiences to anyone, anywhere. The information printed here is here for
sharing and not at all open to debate. I really have no investment in what any reader may think of it. One is free
to read or not read. Judge or not judge.

What is a Shaman? I guess it depends on who you ask. For many, Shamanism is a very mysterious and unknown journey
and better left to the spiritually trained expert. For most, a true shamanistic experience holds the potential for
sheer terror because it intrinsically involves letting go of seeming reality or rather, and even more frightening
a prospect to some, merging third-dimensional reality with other-realm reality without losing the ability to know
which is which.

To practice as a Shaman is to walk in two worlds, aware of both and functioning with awareness in both third-dimensional
reality as well as the Spirit realm reality simultaneously.

Most Shamans spend a great deal of time alone, in ceremony. Particularly in the beginning stages of a Shamanistic
initiation, the alone time is needed to integrate the energies, adjust to the higher frequency that results and walk
in the new reality in a balanced way. I’ve probably spent more time completely alone since this all started for me
in 1995, than most. I would guess that I’ve spend years alone by now. Weeks at a time, sometimes. The energies get
so intense at times that there is really nothing to do but lay still. Sometimes for hours, sometimes for days.

A Shamanistic Journey can be induced through the use of psychotropic drugs or hallucinogens. Some alteratives that
are used to bring about a shamanistic experience include Peyote (mescaline), Ayahuasca, Daktura, Psilocin, Cohoba,
Morning Glory Seeds, Jimson Weed, Iawaska and others.

By the way, in case you are thinking that Morning Glory Seeds or Jimson Weed might be an easy way to try a journey,
be aware that both are toxic and you had better know what you are doing if you take them. My journeys did not come
that way. Having experienced shamanism without drugs, and at a time when I was totally unfamiliar with the experience
but spiritually ready for it, I strongly believe anyone can. I don’t doubt that a properly guided Shaman Journey
involving psychotropics can result in heightened awareness.

However, I very much doubt that it can be accomplished without risk to the mental, emotional and etheric stability
of the being involved and, for me, that risk is too great. I’ve seen the holes that drugs leave in the aura. Particularly
with marijuana, which is also used by some as a spiritual connector. The tendency is for the connector to become
a crutch instead of a door opener.

Shamanic Journeying can also be induced through rhythmic, repetitive drumming. I’ve journeyed this way and it’s
a powerful vehicle for going into other realms of consciousness. Yet, the same tendency exist is for dependence.
The drumbeat should open the door, not repeatedly have to open the same door over and over.

The imagery associated with the Sacred Initiations I’ve journey through make it almost impossible to walk and talk
and function normally. They are intense, powerful and demand full focus and attention. On some occasions of receiving
data, I can see images from around the world. Hundreds if not thousands of images, each encoded with some reason
for finding me at that moment, some work to be done. It is done in an instant and the next image comes. It is sometimes
tremendously difficult to keep the physical body comfortable.

I believe the training that a “recognized Shaman” receives may help them to better handle initiation than
those like myself to whom Spirit brings the experience directly, but I’m not sure about that. Maybe any Shaman has
to go through these periods of intense physical adjustment and times of dedicated isolation. I know Wallace
Black Elk
certainly takes the times of focused ceremony. Who knows what he and others really experience during
those time s. Speaking only for myself, sometimes, I seem to experience the entire world, one person or animal at
a time.

Excerpt from My Moon Lodge Journals: As part of my coming into “Oneness,” and
as a direct result of my connection with Native-American earth-based rituals, I went through an intense period of
time when I experienced, in my actual body, the essence of many plants. They flashed through my consciousness and
my veins, one after the other after the other.

The experience almost made me lose consciousness, and left me altered for several days. I’ve had a similar experience
with the animals – my hand would suddenly be a claw, my chest covered with fur, my mouth a beak, etc. It felt like
nothing I’ve ever experienced, and cannot be adequately described but I knew at the time that I was integrating the
awareness of all these aspects. If you haven’t experienced these “essence integrations,” you will. You
will also become the essence of all spiritual faiths, the Winged Ones, Insects, Star Nation, Earth, Water, Stone
People and Creepy Crawlies.

A Shamanistic Experience in Georgia: I attended a metaphysical fair in Athens, Georgia. It was an incredibly slow
event and I pondered why it was that I had come when I met a man who sat down for a reading. The reading was intense
for both of us. He invited myself and my then-partner Mac to his home to speak with some of his circle. We accepted
the invitation even though it was quite a drive from the event itself.

Going down the road to this man’s home, I felt a lot of energy building. I felt it coming from the trees on either
side of the road. Strong. Intense. When we pulled up at the door and I got out, I instinctively turned around and
looked out at the yard. Just at that instant, I felt an ice cold energy surge up from the ground – colder than ice

No words for how cold. Contrary to what some may be thinking, this did not frighten me at all but elated me. That
colder than ice energy is the Divine Feminine and quite vastly different than the cold one feels in a spiritually
dense area or when someone has congestion in their body. In other words, it was a wonderful moment although very
difficult to handle physically.

Mac realized immediately what was happening and came up behind me, holding me in support. I began to shake and it
literally felt as if I were glued to the earth. I could not have moved from that spot if I had wanted to move and
oh, my dear, I certainly wanted to move shortly after. As I worked to receive the energies that would make it possible
to for me to bridge the worlds there in that dimensional portal of time/nontime, I suddenly saw two groups of people.
One group was to my left and the other to my right. They were definitely Native-American and definitely at war.

Suddenly, one brave wearing a headdress and carrying a hatchet in his left hand became aware of me. He ran toward
me full force with the hatchet upraised. If I could have pulled my feet loose from the grip of the Mother, I would
surely have knocked down trees getting away but I could not move.

Even though I was aware this was not “real” the imagery and energy were so strong that I was filled with
terror. The brave ran toward me and at the very last instant before I would have felt the hatchet pierce my skull,
everything shifted and was still. I was released from the earth and slumped backwards into Mac’s arms.

When I shared this experience with the man who had invited us to his home, he shared with me that he had known there
were two groups there, had heard them speaking to him about the disrespect that had been shown to the land in clearing
it for building, etc. I knew that my witnessing of the events, the energy that was exchanged during that visioning
and the later exchanges with this gentle man were all part of why we had been called to Georgia.

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