Free Meditation for Building Self Esteem

Meditation for Building Self Esteem and Improving Self Image

If you find your esteem a little deflated, or feel you could have a better self image, the following exercise will
help you release self judgment and improve your self image.

Pick a time when you will not be rushed. This self love exercise will take about 1/2 hour and is well worth the
time. You can also read the seven sacred steps into a recorder, and play back as a meditation, pausing a while
between each step.

Meditation for Building Self Esteem

Step One: Find a comfortable chair, and sit in a position that supports your body. Then
close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Next pull your hands upward and place them gently on your heart.

Step Two: As you are continuing to breath pick one aspect of yourself that you don’t
like. Explore why this aspect makes you unhappy, and give yourself some time to reflect. You may bump into some
self-judgment, and go ahead and do that if that’s what comes up. Then go ahead and pick another item. Take as long
as you need in this step. Continue to breath through whatever you uncover in your mind. Emotions
may arise so give them plenty of room to express. Allow the energy you have been holding inside to flow, rather
than suppressing it.

Step Three: Again, take a few nice long, deep breaths. Take some time to accept the
thoughts and the feelings you’re discovering. Your acceptance is there to melt away resistance to the many positive
possibilities, which certainly await you.

Step Four: With acceptance, begin to discern what is important to you and what you value.
Discern what supports your well-being. While breathing in acceptance, begin to discern your inner truths, that
which is inside…inside. Notice how you are beginning to connect with your inner power, which knows you
as love.

Step Five: While you are in this powerful state aligned with your true inner-self,
recognize and discern one particular area in your life you would like to improve. Everything is perfect
in this present moment and is easily and effortlessly leading you to the realization of one small action step.
It is exciting knowing that by taking this “baby
step” today you will realize greater levels of self-love, health, and wellness.

Step Six: Continue breathing, and begin to imagine small ways you can take this small
step today. You can trust that any support or assistance you need will be revealed. Go ahead, and take a few minutes
to explore the possibilities.

Step Seven: Your breath is automatic and is supporting you. Now, in your mind’s eye, see,
hear, or feel how the step you will take today will lead you to positive and empowering results. Also, take a moment
to notice what other baby steps may follow. Go ahead and make a mental note, so you will feel empowered to take
action throughout the day.

It’s now time to feel your senses in the present moment as you adjust to the room around you. Its easy to maintain
connection to self-love and your inner creator. Now, go ahead and gently open your eyes and lower your
hands to your lap. As you look about the room notice when you feel fully grounded. Then go ahead and greet the
rest of your day with this newfound awareness.