Scientist Offers an Integrative Approach to What Was an Incurable Disease: The Answer for Endometriosis Sufferers Worldwide

Currently in the USA, the founder of Medicinal Technologies scientist Dr. Sheryene Tejeda discovers an unprecedented cure for Endometriosis. Following years of research and clinical trials, this noteworthy doctor has made medical history with a revolutionary breakthrough. Valued at over 5 Billion dollars, the protocol is already being pursued for purchase by several of the largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Endogen, not having yet been made available for purchase due to the influx of potential buyers and manufacturing policies, is a biomedical protocol said to have few to no side effects and does not require a prescription. It will first be offered in the US but ultimately can be purchased regardless of location. This will change the lives of many globally as according to statistics over 250 million women are diagnosed with Endometriosis, and millions more remain undiagnosed. Until now there has been no viable remedy for the condition, causing women to seek relief through hormonal suppression, surgery and pain medications, all of which are temporary methods of addressing its symptoms. This protocol however was developed as a multi-faceted approach directed to reverse the root cause of the disease. Additionally, it has shown promising results for the dissemination of cysts, fibroids, and other relative conditions.

Prior to the research finding of Dr. Tejeda, it was unknown if Endometriosis was a condition, disorder, disease, or had genetic factors. Thanks to successfully conducted trials and research Dr. Tejeda asserts “we now know it is in fact a disease with epi genetic biomarkers”.

Although new to the industry, Medicinal Technologies is a forerunner for innovative biomedicine and biotechnology, holding several patents for protocols and devices. Its founder Dr. Tejeda, not limited to reproductive endocrinology related conditions, continues research on both common and rare diseases and disorders with the goal of offering answers and solutions.