Healthy Immune System Help for SARS Protection

SARS Protection: What Type of Virus is SARS?

SARS has now been added to a list of dangerous diseases.

Read an update on SARS virus, and learn about how it spreads and options how building your immune system is one
element toward protection.

Update on SARS

The term “syndrome” is a convenient label the experts tend to use when they don’t know what they’re dealing
with, but need to convince the public that they do.

SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) continues to spread,
and continues to be a Mystery Disease.

Exactly what type of virus is SARS?

Is it air-borne, or does it spread only by touching the same surface as an infected

For how many days is a person with SARS a threat to the health of other people?

Authorities continue to
provide conflicting answers to these crucial questions, which has made the public’s fear and confusion regarding
SARS much worse.

Here are some of the most recent developments:

1. Thus far, 2,223 cases of SARS have been reported in 17 nations, and at least 78 people have died – including
one of the doctors who discovered SARS in the first place.

2. By Presidential Order, SARS has now been added to the short list of dangerous diseases for which a Mandatory
Quarantine can be imposed.

3. As soon as the recent SARS outbreak started in Toronto, Canada, the city’s Healthcare System began to break down.
Two major hospitals were closed and access to several other Toronto and regional hospitals was severely limited in
a panicky attempt to prevent the spread of SARS infection.

In the event of a full-blown disease Pandemic (a massive epidemic), where would infected people go if they
couldn’t go to the hospitals?

4) The Kill Ratio for SARS appears to be very high.

Perhaps the worst outbreak of infectious disease in history was the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 to 1919. Historians
tell us that in a mere two years, 20 to 40 Million people died from Spanish Flu worldwide, more than one quarter
of the entire population of America was infected, and more than 600,000 Americans died from the disease.

The mortality ratio for Spanish Flu was 2.5%. The mortality ratio for SARS is estimated to be 4%.

This article isn’t meant to put you into panic, nor make you feel helpless, rather to empower you to build your
immune system and take care of your health. A healthy immune system assists in SARS protection and is your best bet
against any illness or disease.