San Diego Dentist’s Pre-Removal Protocol For Mercury Filling Replacement

You’re finally having your mercury fillings removed, after realising that they could be doing you more harm than good. That’s great! You’ve taken a step forward to a healthier mouth, and a healthier body overall. But are you concerned about mercury escaping into your body during the removal process? Taking the right supplements and other things before and after the process can help bind up any escaped mercury and prevent it from causing you health problems, which many people will hear with relief.

Here is the best way to enter into the mercury filling removal process to ensure that your body remains pure and healthy:

The day before the removal procedure, take antioxidants, minerals and botanicals. Antioxidants should include large doses of vitamin C and E as well as grape seed extract and idebenone. Minerals should include zinc asparate, selenium and Thornes Biomin LL or Citramin II. Botanicals that will help include colostrum and your favorite probiotics as well as fish oil. These will ensure that your body is primed for the short operation that you are about to have, and you can smile knowing that your body has the perfect balance.

On the day of the procedure, repeat the antioxidants, but avoid vitamin C since it can worsen bleeding. Don’t take any minerals except selenium either. You may want to take other things as well, depending on your normal routine — and be sure you have plenty of clean, filtered water to help flush your system. We can never over-estimate the amount of water that our bodies need, especially when we are trying to remove something unhelpful to our bodies.

For two or three days after the removal procedure, continue to take lots of antioxidants as well as selenium and botanicals. As always, get lots of essential oils and plenty of water to make sure your system is hydrated, flushed and at optimal health to release the toxic mercury. You may find it difficult to chew during this time, so fill your meals with lots of warming soups, yoghurts, and ice cream. As if we ever needed the excuse!

When you take these actions or follow a more specific program, you can prevent mercury from binding with other things in your system and staying with you. This is great, because the last thing that you would want to do, after going to so much effort to remove the mercury, is inadvertently pour more into your body’s system. You can also make sure that anything unhealthy in your system is flushed away, and you could even consider this operation as an overall detox for your body.

If mercury is this harmful and needs to be removed from the body with such care, you may wonder why someone put in your mouth in the first place. And that’s a very good question you’ll need to take up with them. Or perhaps it’s just better to move on.