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Learn what Rosacea is, read daily tips that all Rosacea sufferers should be practicing and find the most effective,
best treatments for Rosacea. You may be wondering if Rosacea really be treated? Without question, yes.

Treatment of this condition can lessen and get rid of Rosacea symptoms such as blotchy red skin and irritating
and painful inflammation. is pleased to offer this article on rosacea courtesy of ZenMed botanicals.

What Is Rosacea?

rosacea photosPictures
of Rosacea

Is Rosacea a widespread condition? Rosacea (sometimes misspelled rosacae) is pronounced rose-ay-shu. If you
don’t have this skin condition you may not realize how common a condition it is.

As the Rosacea photos demonstate,this condition is chronic skin disorder that is mostly found in adults. Those
between the ages of thirty and sixty five seem to be the most afflicted children have also be known to have
Rosacea. If you are not squirreling from this skin condition you might not realize that over sixteen million
North Americans suffer from Rosacea symptoms. The most prone skin types are those who are fair skinned adults,
especially women.

is Rosacea?
It is actually a hereditary and chronic (meaning long term) skin condition that is
seen on the nose, forehead, cheekbones, and chin. When Rosacea is in the first stages those who suffer
it afflictions will notice subtle redness in the center of the face which may come and go on its own.
However, if ignored and left untreated this skin disease can develop into inflammation as well as skin
eruptions that gradually continue to inflict chronic and even permanent symptoms.

About half of Rosacea sufferers also complain of symptoms with their eyes, also known as Ocular Rosacea. This
is because the skin tissue can also become swollen and thicken becoming tender and sensitive to the touch.

The medical breakdown of rosacea: This skin disease causation is from the dilation
of tiny micro vessels called arterioles, capillaries, and venules. These skin components lay close to the
surface of the skin which makes them so visible and causes the skin to break out with blotchy red areas called

Papules have three classification. They develop into minor, moderate, and severe eruptions on the skin depending
on their stage of development and severity.

When a Papule forms it is seen as a red solid elevated inflammatory skin lesion without pus (unless the papule
is in a severe stage).

  • A minor rosacea papule: size of a small measles lesion.
  • A moderate rosacea papule: the size of a pencil eraser.
  • A severe papule: the size of a coin and also contains pustules (pus-filled inflammatory bumps).

Daily skin care tips that all rosacea sufferers should be practicing:

1) Use lukewarm water to wash your skin, not hot water.

2) Wash your face gently with your fingers, not a cloth, and be sure to use a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser
like the one you’ll be reading about on this page from ZenMed.

3) Don’t rub the skin dry. Blot dry, instead, using a soft, thick-pile cotton towel. After this step Zen Med
non abrasive cleanser is ideal to use by putting applying with your fingers.

4) Give your skin time to dry before applying other skin care products. If a cleanser hasn’t been used, 5
or 10 minutes will be sufficient, otherwise waiting 20 or 30 minutes may be preferable.

5) Apply Zen MED Rosacea Support Serum. If any stinging is felt, increase the time between cleansing and applying
the medication.

6) Wait another 5 or 10 minutes before applying any cosmetics or moisturizer.

Why Suffer Any Longer?

Who Gets Rosacea?

Since the Rosacea skin disease affects North Americans the most, and actually over 16 million North Americans
have this skin disease, most people do not realize that it exists, and furthermore don’t realize that it
can easily be treated with products created especially to address Rosacea’s symptoms.

Can Rosacea Be Treated?

Most definitely! For those who suffer with symptoms of Rosacea can treat their condition to lessen and get
rid of the Rosacea symptoms. This also prevents the skin disease from getting getting worse while preventing
the blood vessels from enlarging which also keeps rhinophyma from developing.

How Do I Treat Rosacea?

You can easily treat the Rosacea skin condition naturally without using harmful drugs with a revolutionary
product called Rosacea Support Serum. This fine product for your skin contains Manuka and other healing botanical
extracts. It also has soothing and healing pure essential oils and therapeutic ingredients. All of which
are synergistically combined which supports the reduction of facial redness caused by Acne Rosacea.

It is also important to mention that the product comes with a guarantee, or you can request a full refund
on your order of the Rosacea Topical Treatment Serum

Manuka,ocular rosacea

How does Rosacea
Support Serum work?

Rosacea Support Serum is a highly effective, all-natural topical treatment which was made specifically for
Rosacea and Acne Rosacea sufferers.

With the therapeutic ingredients we already mentioned they synergistically work together to reduce the facial
redness, flushing and broken vessels common to this skin condition.

This effective product limits the inflammatory process and then goes on to decrease tissue swelling. It does
this by strengthening the collagen network of the skin and blood vessels. In also supports your skin in other
way to promote healthy cellular regeneration. This is really important because it helps reduce the scaring
that can occur when the papules heal which can cause scarring if not treated properly.

In summary, these are the three major benefits of using Rosacea Support Serum [Produced In Fda Approved Facilities]

  • Penetrates the skin where its healing and regenerative action takes place.
  • Reduces facial redness and broken blood vessels common to rosacea.
  • Promotes healthy cellular regeneration which reduces scarring, swelling and redness

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Rosacea Topical Treatment Serum

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