Treating Menopause Naturally with Alternatives to HRT

Menopause Treatments – Alternatives
for Hormone Replacement Therapy

In years past, a menopause product consisted only of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Today, medical advances have found that HRT is not right for everyone.

In fact, for some women it can even be dangerous. It seems that every week another research report is published
changing opinions about who should or should not take HRT during natural menopause or after any surgical removal
of reproductive organs resulting in sudden menopause. This makes taking hormones sound very scary. You don’t have
to take potentially dangerous hormones; you can help your body adapt to changing levels of hormones naturally by
selecting non-prescription treatments through the use of supplements or biodentical natural hormones when guided
by a health professional, such as a naturopathic doctor.

Menopause supplements can reduce or relieve the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, restlessness, vaginal
dryness and other annoying problems. These alternatives to hormone replacement therapy are inexpensive, easy to use
and, in most cases, without risk. However, if you take prescription medications for other medical problems, dietary
supplements should be discussed with your doctor before you begin any regimen.

Menopause and insomnia seem to go hand-in-hand. This is because hot flashes usually occur during the night and can
be so uncomfortable that returning to sleep can be difficult or impossible. For women that have found themselves
dreading yet another sleepless night, trying a menopause product to help get a good night’s sleep is a much better
alternative than HRT or taking potentially addictive prescription sleep medication.

Herbal medicine is among the menopause treatments that can help you. The herbs commonly used in menopause supplements
are black cohosh, dong quai and chaste tree which balance hormones. Ginseng and licorice improve adrenal gland function.
Sage is specifically used for night sweats and hot flashes while valerian and hops address menopause and insomnia.
Calendula and evening primrose oil can alleviate symptoms of vaginal dryness.

Many women choose products for menopause that use proprietary formulations of herbs and other substances into easy-to-take
menopause pills or capsules that are taken on a daily basis. These supplements address the symptoms of menopause
naturally and, unless you are taking a prescription medication that could interact with a natural supplement, can
be both safe and effective.

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