Review of Mari Winsor’s Slimming Pilates At Home Workout

Woman with Arms Extended in Pilates Stretch

Mari Winsor is America’s leading Pilates instructor.

First she introduced us to her revolutionary Winsor Pilates circle, then her highly effective Winsor Pilates 20 minute workouts.

Now, getting fit and slimming down is even easier.

Mari has taken Pilates to the next level with her new Mari Winsor Slimming Pilates system.

Slimming Pilates At-Home Workouts

Featuring the all new Pilates Accelerator exercise equipment, Slimming Pilates is designed to recreate workouts previously only available with large and expensive Pilates equipment like the Pilates reformer.

Woman with Arms Extended in Pilates StretchSlimming Pilates gives everyone access to the workout routines Mari Winsor uses to get Hollywood celebrities into shape and to keep them fit. The Pilates Accelerator is Mari’s revolutionary all-in-one workout partner that will help you rapidly burn fat while you achieve the long, lean body you want. A precise set of low impact exercises performed with the Accelerator allows you to target muscles in a way only previously achieved on bulky Pilates studio equipment.

Revolutionize Your Workouts

Mari Winsor’s Slimming Pilates and the Accelerator can take you to the next level and revolutionize your Pilates workouts. Slimming Pilates features four workouts, including “Pilates of the Fit & Famous” that reveals Hollywood’s secret to a great body in minutes a day. Also included are “Super Fast Body Blast,” “Quick Start Pilates for Weight Loss,” and “ABsession.” These Pilates workouts are quick, easy, and designed to get you in the best shape of your life.

Mari Windsor’s Slimming Pilates has a unique Rapid Results Weight Loss Plan to get you slim and fit faster than you ever dreamed. Mari’s On-The-Go Guide to Healthy Eating makes the nutrition part of getting fit fast as simple as eating a little less of the foods you love. Even decadent international cuisine like Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and Mexican foods are not off-limits. The key to losing weight while eating what you crave is portion control. Mari’s healthy eating guide shows how easy it is to choose the right serving size of delicious foods while you burn fat fast.

Get Fit Fast with Experienced Pilates Instructor

Gaiam - As Seen on TVMari Winsor has developed many revolutionary weight loss and fitness products like her Supreme Pilates Dynamic Sequencing DVD workout. In conjunction with Ellen Croft’s Supreme Pilates machine, this approach to Joseph Pilates exercise system brought expensive private Pilates sessions with a skilled instructor into your home. Everyone had access to effective Pilates workouts only the rich and famous enjoyed previously.

Mari also designed her Pilates magic circle, a compact piece of exercise equipment, that took Hollywood celebrities and everyday people to new levels of fitness. Cumbersome Pilates equipment that took up space was no longer necessary. Mari’s wide array of Winsor Pilates exercise videos and DVDs allows anyone to take advantage of the Pilates method of slimming thighs, toning tummies, and shaping a sleek and sexy body.