Instant Golf Lesson – Key to The Repeating Swing

Golf Swing Learning System – The Key to a Repeating Golf Swing

A Breakthrough in Golf Instruction – the Key to a Repeating Golf Swing!

Dear Fellow Golfer,

I want to share with you what I discovered by watching the top professional golfers at work. You see, I spent half
a dozen years working for the world’s most prestigious golf ball and equipment company in the world.

This afforded me the opportunity to observe dozens of the top golfers in the world up close and personal strike
golf ball after golf ball, with laser-like precision and power.

After examining scores of Pro golfers at work, I was at first struck by the marked differences in their golf swings.
The variation of grips and swing planes left the mind wondering as to how they could all arrive at impact with consistency
and send the ball on its way – seemingly perfect every time!

Given the variation of physical types (tall, short, lean, rotund) made this even more amazing. I often thought to
myself, “how can they do this? What is their secret?”

It’s when I started to focus on their similarities that I began to understand the true essentials of a sound or
Repeating golf swing. When I stripped away the differences in body type, grip style, and club path I saw the golf
swing in a new light.

And then, Pow, it hit me. I discovered the secret, the common denominator, or what I call the key to a repeating

I started practicing using this Key and immediately saw a dramatic improvement in my ball striking. The ball was
now going where the club face had pointed at address toward the target. My ball striking was crisper and my scores
dropped dramatically. It was as if my golf swing was now on auto pilot.

I shared my secret with a few golfers and they were equally astounded with their immediate improvement.

I realized I had to put this info together so I wouldn’t lose sight of my discovery. I worked diligently over many
months putting this breakthrough swing method into a comprehensive, yet easy to understand digital format.

In order to help as many golfers as possible, I decided to create an online golf swing eBook manual that could be
delivered in minutes, so improvement could begin right away.

Learn how to > Improve your Golf Game in Minutes
with from the Ground Up – How to Shoot in the 70’s

Because our method teaches you the elements that are present
in every good players game (pros and amateurs alike) you will be able to incorporate and develop your own style,
using these elements, into your game.

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