Problems with Constipation, Then Learn Ways To Keep the Digestive System Healthy

Promote Regular High Quality Elimination Naturally with High
Fiber Blends

Find all natural sources of soluble and insoluble fiber that contain no fillers, artificial colors or flavors.
Learn about ways to keep the digestive system healthy.

Learn how to get more fiber into your diet to address digestive system disorders and promote better digestion
and elimination.

Fiber Rich Foods

Everyone recognizes the benefits of a fiber-rich diet but it can be daunting to always be thinking about what
has fiber and what doesn’t have fiber. Then there’s the insoluble fiber versus the soluble fiber – this is
not a comprehensive list, by any means but just a general guideline.

Soluble Fiber Sources: Most fruits and vegetables provide soluble fiber, as do prunes
and oatbran. Barley provides soluble fiber too but it can be harder to digest.

Insoluble Fiber Sources: Look to dried beans, brown rice, and whole grain products
for insoluble fiber. You’ll get some in fruits and veggies too.

Even popcorn is a good insoluble fiber snack but some health care practitioners dislike the way the outer
shells move through the colon, and many people are not very tolerate to corn. Flax seeds are an excellent
source on insoluble.

Fiber as A Miracle Nutrient

Almost every part of the body can benefit from fiber and it is so beneficial for helping the body fight off
chronic disease. Although fiber has not always been considered nutritionally important until recently. We
now know that when you eat fiber rich foods your body is less likely to absorb toxins, it balances cholesterol,
and feeds the healthy bacteria in your colon which boosts your immunity.

So we now know that eating fibrous foods can make a very positive difference in our health, by lowering risk
for heart disease, cancer, and digestive disorders.

The 7 Reasons To Increase Your Fiber Intake

  1. Fiber helps your body maintain cardiovascular health
  2. Fiber promotes regular elimination
  3. Fiber supports healthy cholesterol levels
  4. Fiber helps your body maintain normal blood Sugar Levels
  5. Fiber helps to absorb intestinal and liver toxins
  6. Fiber provides a food source for beneficial gut bacteria
  7. Fiber can help you maintain a healthy weight

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Flax Fiber vs Psyllium

When choosing a fiber, it is best to choose one with flax rather than Psyllium. Although Psyllium is a natural
fiber, flax is considered by many to be a better fiber source because flax has a much better natural balance
of insoluble fiber to soluble fiber. Just as a balanced diet rich of fruits and vegetables.

Flax seed also contains Lignans which has been heavily studied in cancer research. Flax actually contains
100 times more Lignans than any other source. Psyllium does not contain any Lignans.

Flax is also non-constipating because it has the natural balance of insoluble to soluble fiber so it does
not swell and gel like Psyllium does. So it will not cause constipation.

Also, Flax is widely found in an organic form, making it an exceptional ingredient in organic fiber blends.

Don’t Forget Your Water!

A common mistake that people often make when starting on a fiber-rich diet is that they keep their water intake
the same as it was before adding the extra fiber.

Then, they end up constipated and go off the fiber, thinking the fiber is causing it.

Be sure that you increase your water intake to avoid unnecessary discomfort as your body adjusts to having
more fiber to process.

Also, we suggest that an otherwise healthy person do a cleanse before starting on the fiber because if they
are already having trouble with constipation, that fiber can make it a lot worse, even with extra water.
So it is wise to do a cleanse beforehand, to minimize discomfort.

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