Rejection: A Message from Creativity Cards

Rejection – A Message from the Creativity Cards

It is always fun to play with the Creativity Cards and see how the message relates to life on any given day.

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Today’s card is “Rejection” and this is what we can learn from this card.

Rejection – Getting Clarity and Courage

divination cards readingsYou
have put yourself on the line, and someone is refusing you. It could be that an expected opportunity is failing to
manifest or that someone you assumed would be generous with support is withholding love, encouragement, or funds.
Perhaps, the raise or promotion you expected has not materialized, or has been given to someone else. Like a delicate
bloom, you wilt. Tired and discouraged. Angry and frustrated. If these words describe your emotional state, look
to a recent rejection as the cause. Once you’ve identified the source of your feelings of rejection, work to release
all personal attachment, allowing others the freedom of choice and opening to the lesson that the reasons for external
rejection from others often have little, if anything, to do with you. Dealing with rejection is seldom easy but is
much harder if you put it off because your mind be gins to question your own feelings more and more. Deal with it

Within the career arena, let rejection prompt a fierce investigation of your personal skills and attributes, followed
by immediate action to shore up weak aspects. Trust that a better opportunity waits, after you have done the necessary
work. Sometimes, a rejection is a blessing in disguise. The opportunity may turn out to be less promising than it
looks to you now.

If you find no external cause, look within and ask what part of yourself you are rejecting. You could be holding
on to a dream that you’ve outgrown while rejecting a new vision, or refusing yourself the creative or quiet time
you need while tending to the needs of others. Maybe a relationship is ending but you refuse to let go. Are you rejecting
spiritual guidance now because it requires of you courage or a change in direction?

Internal rejection often stems from an inner sense of unworthiness, so pray for clarity and the courage to confront
your own fears. Ask for healing and a resurrection of your sense of personal worth as a child of Spirit. Be aware
of ways in which you may have unconsciously set yourself up to be rejected and correct any tendency to sabotage your
own success through vigilant self-discipline and spiritual work.

If you are struggling with an old destructive habit, such as smoking, drinking, overeating, etc., this may be a
trying period. Reach out to friends as much as possible. Reach out to friends as much as possible. Don’t reject their
support at this time.

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