Reiki Books for New and Re-Emerging Reiki Healers

Reiki Resources for New and Re-Emerging Healers

There are many wonderful books that teach the theory of Reiki as a healing therapy, and offer an understanding of
the different forms of this healing art.

We have compiled a list of some excellent resources for your library. This list is not complete, but will give you
an excellent start in compiling your reference library.

If you find other books that you would like to see added to this list be sure and let us know, and we will add them.
Also, if you would like to write a review on any one particular book that you feel would benefit other practitioners,
please feel free to also forward it to us for publishing consideration.

reikiThe Reiki Handbook is the original book about Reiki and is a practical student’s workbook along with being a reference
book that is essential for all Reiki practitioners. It is a well recognized teaching aide of the Usui Shiko Ryoho
system of healing for the Reiki Masters.

This book is full of detailed information about Reiki. It also is a well recognized guide offering a whole section focusing on Reiki healing therapy for animals.

We personally like this book a lot for beginning Reiki practitioners because of the very clear and precise
pictures indicating hand placement and the condition specific instructions for utilizing Reiki in different
cases of physical problems.

Excellent resource for anyone just beginning or anyone who hasn’t practiced Reiki regularly for a while, as
well as just an excellent general reference book to have around.

Handbook – For Students and Therapists of the Usui Shiki Ryhoho System of Healing

Experience Life Force Energy Through Reiki

Abundance Abundance
Through Reiki is a forty-two day program that is designed to support you in creating absolute fulfillment. This book will reach into the core issues regarding abundance that rule your life. It is said to be a timeless jewel, offering valuable insights
that you will receive in a detailed form presented as two twenty-one day abundance plans that are well crafted and finely tuned. You explore the various belief patterns you hold and discover what ones keep you from experiencing and attaining what you desire.

We are including this book because of an almost universal situation where healers are living in poverty consciousness
due to limiting beliefs. We feel we are to shift our own poverty consciousness into abundance consciousness,
not just for ourselves but as part of our work for healing the planet on all levels.

Essential Reiki Essential

A Complete Guide to an Ancient Healing Art (by Diane Stein).

This book is controversial because the author published the actual drawings of the Reiki Symbols which are supposed
to be secret and given only to those who actually get an attunement. In the Reiki Community it is felt that unless
an individual has had a Reiki attunement they cannot perform Reiki on another person. This has been questioned by
some, and for this the author is considered sort of a black sheep in the Reiki Community.

Beyond Reiki One
Degree Beyond

A Reiki Journey into Energy Medicine including new material from the Usui Diaries and a look at the Essence of Reiki.


Healing Touch Reiki
– The Healing Touch

1st and 2nd Degree Manual, revised and expanded. If you are wanting the latest information on Reiki and a reference
of the history of Reiki this book contains the most detailed and verfiable information currently available. It is
well written with inspiration while capturing the essence of Reiki Healing. It is an excellent intro on the subject
in a user-friendly format for the experienced Reiki practitioner.

Reiki with gems Reiki
with Gemstones

Activating Your Self-Healing Powers Connecting the Universal Life Force Energy with Gemstone Therapy.


Amazon has a complete section of Reiki books, including many of our recommendations as listed above.

More information on this can be found in our free online health magazine.