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Reiki Bookstore – “Radical Reiki – Radical Life” by JA Conroy and CT Conroy

Have you considered what the difference may be between an “expert” and a “professional” in a field of chosen endeavor?

Being a geek type personality, I took a whole afternoon on a Saturday curled up by the fire to examine similar types of words (by flipping through my paper dictionary).

I came to the realization that the expert is an individual who has experience, and a professional does not profess to be an authority, but extends faith by proclaiming a their profession in public. Later that day, I received the Conroy’s ebook, “Radical Reiki – Radical Life which is now included in The Ultimate Reiki Package .”

It didn’t take long for me to discover that the Conroy’s understood the meaning of “expert”. I could tell they extended much energy, feeling, and thought of what living the life of an expert truly means, and it seemed clear to me they came to a radical summary that each and every person can also be their own expert. I soon found Radical Reiki – Radical Life was not a textbook on the “authorized” symbols of Reiki, or living an “authorized” life, unless of course you are relating to being the instrument of the life you create and experience.

This excellent Reiki ebook provides a very useful intro to the various Reiki methods and their history. You also lean how to initiate yourself to become a Usui Reiki Master, which is quite an accomplishment. Previously, it took training from an known Reiki Master and they would have to be the one to initiate you. This takes a lot of time, and expensive fees.

The Conroy’s have a different perspective. With the world in need of physical and spiritual assistance that Reiki can provide their goal is to help you become an expert. This is what Radical Reiki – Radical Life is designed to do. It is very clear the Conroy’s are very serious about this goal. They share their wisdom and knowledge through a radical release of Reiki secrets that were previously only gained through Reiki Master Tuition costs. With the investment in the radical Reiki ebook previously secret knowledge is made available in a light, clear, and powerful format. This ebook can empower natural energy healers and practitioners around the world by making Reiki much more accessible.

Yes, it is important to respect the Usui Reiki masters and lineage, but just not worship them. As the Conroy’s demonstrate in their own lives, Reiki can be a vehicle to extend healing of body, spirit, and mind through the most powerful and common element we all share, our own consciousness. You can easily learn through personal sharing, step-by-step exercises that are well laid out, and a loving and lighthearted format the techniques and cosmology of the Conroys. They completely demystify Reiki, introduce both Western and Eastern approaches, and the history of Reiki. As a reader, you will soon learn that you too, can become an expert through practice and willingness to study and walk the path of a Reiki healer.

You will find the Reiki Symbols are easy to follow, the text is written in a very friendly tone, and you will actually have fun learning. You will discover an inner guide, who “knows” and all you have to do is remember it is there to assist you. They Conroy’s do an excellent job in teaching you how to remember.

This ebook is a powerful way to make a difference in your own life, and perhaps the lives of others. As you read “Radical Reiki – Radical Life” you will feel a greater connection to your higher nature as you allow your consciousness to be a conduit for greater wholeness.

The Ultimate Reiki Package

You can be the expert sharing energy healing, and the professional, should you choose to launch a career as an alternative healing professional. Now Radical Reiki – Radical Life is included in the Ultimate Reiki Package. The Conroy’s have thought of everything. Your training will assist you in becoming a Chikara-Reiki-Do, Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master. You will be priviledged to live webcasts, downloadable videos, training manuals, and certification upon completion. The Conroys are right there supporting you, and they are available for ongoing support as well.

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