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Reiki – A Simple, Natural, Safe Method of Spiritual Healing

Alternative Healing With Reiki – What is Reiki? What is Spiritual Activation?

A Japanese technique that is very popular for balancing the body is known as Reiki. It works well for all types of stress, physical and emotional. It helps with relaxation and aids to promote healing. Reiki is a very natural, simple, and a safe method to administer spiritual healing. It is a simple technique whereby the practitioner uses a method called laying on of hands.

Reiki is tremendously helpful for dealing with everyday stress and works well with traditional medical or
therapeutic techniques, in facilitating wellness.

Reiki Class and Attunement Information

One of the better known Reiki teachers of this age, and one of the most controversial, is Diane Stein.

I had mixed emotions when I read Diane’s Essential Reiki book because, as a Reiki Master, I am well aware
that the symbols themselves carry energy, apart from any attunement, and working with them as a beginner
without prior introduction to the energetic frequency of Reiki is risky.

Yet, on the other hand, I am also equally aware that these are times of blending for the world. It is time
for secrets to be open and for boundaries between walks of faith to crumble or be torn down by the light
of Oneness.

The main source of the controversy surrounding the work of Diane Stein, at least in my mind, is the revealing
of the secret, Sacred Reiki symbols.

In “Essential
Reiki ,”
by Diane Stein, the book was very controversial at first and in some circles, it remains a point of controversy.
Diane chose to reveal the Reiki symbols which, prior to her book, were only known by Reiki practitioners
after attunement.

Some were traditionally given after the second level of Reiki and the Master symbol was not revealed until
the Master level attunement. I have mixed feelings about Diane’s book. It contains very good information
on Reiki.

However, I do realize that the Reiki symbols themselves have energy and working with them without being attuned
first can cause problems for people. Use your own spiritual discernment.

Reiki Healing: One Healer’s Perspective

What is Reiki? This is a question I often encounter as a Reiki Master, from those who seek to heal and who
are unfamiliar with Reiki as a vibration al healing modality.

I must preface my comments about Reiki by saying that I was working as a spiritual healer through laying-on-of-hands
and other structures, for several years before receiving the attunements that led to the title of Reiki Master.

Therefore, I can say to you that, when I did receive the attunements, it affirmed what I had suspected no
matter which healing modality one might choose, it is the same spiritual or life force energy that is at
their very core.

I highly value Reiki and feel that the best use of it, or any good healing modality, is to combine it with
others modalities, like reflexology, polarity therapy, laying on hands, and other energy healing therapies.

It essentially seems that all practitioners are aligned and working as one. As if we are all uniting and act
as one consciousness acting as a vehicle allow universal energy to move through us. For a moment, imagine
the ancestral reality of the Reiki line as well as feeling the energy from thousands of other Reiki practitioners
with a focus on healing. So could it be, when connected to all those who practice Reiki, the strength as
a healer increases exponentially. So, with attunement to the vibration of the symbols, healing work perhaps
is stronger with this connection.

Oddly enough, I’ve never heard this aspect of Reiki talked about much. To me, it is one of the greater advantages
to practicing Reiki.

I utilize Reiki in every session, whether it is for reflexology, cranial flight, inner child healing, or just
counseling on the telephone.

The Reiki is there. It was always there. It is more conscious now, and more easily connected to, due to the
structure of the symbols and the teachings.

I know that many people use “Reiki” energies who are not attuned. There is no God I want to believe
in, who would prevent it. However, there is great value to receiving the symbols and structure, particularly
if just starting in the healing profession.

Reiki for Stress Reduction

When Reiki is administered through the “laying on hands” (or, in the case of a distant attunement to Reiki One, it
administered through the combined intent of the receiver and the practitioner, and from the non-physical
realms) and is based on the life force energy or chi flowing through each of us.

If one’s life force energy or chi is low, then we are more likely to experience disease or feel stress. The
body radiates warmth and energy. This energy is the life force energy

A Reiki session can bring that life force energy back into balance so that the body can heal itself.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words. One is Rei, which means “Gods Wisdom”, or the Higher
Power and the other is Ki, which is “life force energy.” So Reiki is actually “Spiritually
guided life force energy.”

The energies associated with Reiki healing are very powerful and will help you to access more of your natural
healing essence, as a child of Universal Life Force.

A Reiki session and/or attunement may create feelings of warmth, tingling, or even coldness. All are normal
reactions, even the cold. I associate the cold energy with the Divine Feminine and consider coldness after
attunement to be a very good sign indeed!

The Reiki energy goes where there is imbalance in the body. It treats the whole person—body, emotions,
mind, and spirit, and, for many, creates a feeling of profound relaxation and peacefulness.

However, Reiki is also a powerful healing energy and can sometimes cause a flushing out of physical toxins
and/or negative emotions. The temporary physical feelings of achiness or flu-like symptoms are so common
that they are called the “Reiki-Achies” by some.

Occasional feelings of depression, melancholy or angst can also occur but should be temporary in nature.

The typical reactions are nothing to be alarmed about but if you experience them in a way that feels too intense
for you, or if they last longer than 24 hours, get back in contact with your teacher because they can help
you facilitate a swift return to balance and will be glad to help in that way.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing that works well with traditional medical or
therapeutic techniques to promote recovery and to help relieve side effects from therapeutic drugs (such
as those from chemotherapy).

Reiki is tremendously helpful for dealing with our everyday stresses and strains. Regular Reiki sessions,
whether self-administered or received from another Reiki practitioner, will help you deal with day to day
work, pollution’s, traffic, and other stress factors.

Distant Attunement to Reiki One

There are Reiki Masters who offer distant attunement services and this is a good option if:

1) You don’t really intend to work publicly as a Reiki practitioner,

2) You think you might want to become a Reiki practitioner but just want to know what it’s like before you
commit to the attunement process or

3) You just want to have the attunement so that you can help family members, friends and yourself to feel
better! (No certificate included. Classes and certification also available.)

I know there is no distance or time with Great Spirit and the distant attunement can be a very powerful experience.

This distant attunement is not intended to replace one-on-one class certification and, should you decide you
want to pursue the path of becoming a Reiki Practitioner, you would need to make the commitment to taking
the levels in a class setting, and receiving the additional training that is achieved through that process.

Learn Reiki Online

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