Holistic Healing with Herbs: Recipe & Instructions for Making Herbal Salves

Organic Herbal Salve

Having on hand an herbal salve is practical for naturally treating many common skin conditions.

Herbal salves have been around for a very long time. I can remember my grandmother getting out the herbal Watkin’s salves whenever I fell and scratched or cut my elbow or knee, and the wounds always healed faster without scarring.

Salves made from medicinal herbs are both extremely effective and quite easy to prepare at home using ordinary household equipment and organic ingredients.

Benefits of Herbal Salves

Making and applying an herbal salve is a convenient method of preserving and using the medicinal properties of various herbs.

This topical preparation applied to the skin can address a specific skin condition or be used as an all-purpose treatment. Made with dried or fresh herbs, common oils, and beeswax, herbal salves are safe and clean to use.

Some applications of herbal saves include:

  • healing wounds
  • moisturizing dry skin
  • for an insect repellent or treating insect bites
  • reducing itching or swelling
  • soothing burns
  • relaxing sore muscles
  • preventing infections
  • treating eczema
  • easing respiratory congestion
  • bringing about or enhancing one’s sleep

Making one’s own herbal salve is advantageous given that there is complete control over what ingredients are included in this natural healing product. This holistic and natural product can be customized to specific personal needs, and has a lengthy shelf life.

Choosing the Best Organic Herbs

Organic Herbal SalveJust as there are many uses for herbal salves, there are many combinations of herbs to include in an herbal salve recipe. For example, comfrey contains allantoin, which encourages cell regeneration. It is a useful herb to help wounds heal quickly, moisturize dry skin, and help heal bruises.

Herbs with effective healing properties for many skin conditions include: eucalyptus, rosemary, yarrow, calendula, lavender, Echinacea, chamomile, and chickweed.

By discovering the healing properties of different herbs and experimenting with their combinations, a wide range of healing purposes and uses can be achieved.

When making an herbal salve from scratch, a valuable opportunity exists for careful preservation of the medicinal qualities of the herb chosen for the easy-to-use herbal product.

How to Make a Holistic Herbal Salve

After deciding to prepare an herbal salve, one will quickly discover how simple of a process it is. Mountain Rose Herbs demonstrates through an easy-to-follow instructional video a step-by-step process for preparing this medicinal herbal product. Viewers are exposed to the benefits and applications of healing salves, as well as shown the best ingredients and equipment needed for its preparation.

Viewers will learn the healing properties in an herbal salve eases the discomfort of many skin or other conditions. By learning how to make an herbal salve, you will discover many advantages of natural healing products and have a lot of fun doing it.

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