Exercise Motivation Combines Fun and Variety: Benefits of Rebounder Trampolines

The very thought of exercise can bring our mind’s eye to a cross-country runner gasping for breath, or a champion weightlifter lifting weights.

For some of us, we relate exercise to fitness fanatics, athletes, marathon runners, and elite exercise junkies.

Fitness is not just training for a sports event. It can also be the humblest, or the simplest of physical activities.

Walking ExercisePhysical activity need not be related to gyms, or fitness centers. It doesn’t have to be athletic or running marathons. It can just be walking, cycling, swimming, or dashing your way to the local grocery mart, cleaning your home, not using your car to go to the nearest ATM, gardening, playing baseball with your kids, dancing, and so on. As a matter of fact, most of our everyday actions are related to some form of physical activity.

Exercise Motivation Comes From Variety and Fun

But, do not rule out various forms of exercise. You may also find water-aerobics, static bicycles, rowing machines, and a variety of exercise classes with peers your age appealing—and when you vary the routine you’ll achieve better results.

If you are one of those people who have experienced feeling embarrassment at a local fitness center because of being overweight or unfit, or if you’ve felt awkward or mortified, or even worried at not being able to handle a workout like people who are in better shape, then turn to simple types of physical activity. This is wise before going hog wild and committing to an expensive gym membership before you are ready, which will set you up to fail.

You can try inexpensive options like swimming at your local YMCA, or energize your routine housework by playing invigorating music when you do your chores. You might also enjoy popular Tony Horton fitness programs designed for your level of fitness, which are also fun, affordable, and you can vary your daily physical activity.

When you incorporate variety and fun into your day’s movement you’ll be motivated, and actually find yourself exercising. Therefore, be sure to include a variety of fitness activities in your schedule, which include taking a few extra walking steps and you will be on your way to good health, burning calories, and staying or getting in shape.

Exercise Tips For Burning More Calories

In addition to the above ideas you may also incorporate the following easy-to-use tricks to get some additional physical activity into your idle life.

  • Rather than having the newspaper delivered retrieve it on foot at your local vendor.
  • Create a buddy and go for mile long walks two or three times a week.
  • Walk to your neighborhood store rather than taking the car and get yourself a pull cart for your groceries. When you do this, you immediately add 600 steps, or more, into your everyday walking plan.
  • Energize your housework by playing music and making it fun.
  • Take up a new recreational sport, like swimming, biking, or golf.

Benefits of Drinking WaterAlong with these simple changes you can also add two other tricks to help you loss weight. Fast one day a week (be sure and drink water to help your body burn fat.) Another weight loss secret is to cut out bread, white flour, and refined starches from your diet. These two simple additions will help you easily lose a pound or two a week without making huge changes to your lifestyle. If you want to increase your weight loss, then also reduce your sugar intake and you will be pleasantly surprised as you watch excess weight release from your body.

Fun Fitness with Rebounder Trampolines

 Senior ReboundingNow let’s discuss one of the funnest and most effective ways to move that has tons of health benefits.

You can also add fun and affordable exercise devices to your weekly routines. For example, an uncomplicated gadget that can completely change the way you look at physical activity is a mini-trampoline, known as a rebounder. Rebounder benefits are profound.

What a fun exercise device for optimal fitness. With a rebounder trampoline you not only get fit, but you also tend to lose weight while supporting your immune health. Rebounding exercises helps your lymph system do its job which in turn helps your body detox. You can use a rebounder to sit and bounce, to walk, jog, and jump—it is a great way to keep yourself in great shape and provides good cardiac fitness.

The best part: you can use your mini-trampoline while listening to music, or watching movies, or TV, without missing your favorite program! What’s more, a mini-trampoline, or rebounder, is less expensive than many other gadgets and you’ll find some excellent rebounder DVD’s to suit your fitness level and physical goals.

Rebounding exercise protects and strengthens the heart, and will support endocrine balance. It keeps down excess body weight, improves digestion, relaxes the mind, and promotes good sleep. It also reduces your affinity for frequent cold infections, and provides many other health benefits such as:

  • Helps Eliminate Varicose Veins
  • Eliminates Stress to Joints
  • Increases Agility, and Metabolism
  • Firms, Arms, Hips, Abdomen, Thighs, and Legs
  • Increases Circulation and Mental Acuity
  • Improves Sense of Balance
  • Reduces Incontinence While Improving Bladder Control
  • Improves Symptoms of Arthritis


Rebounder Excercise Videos: Have Fun Bouncing At Home

Blanche Black PictureReviews of Blanche Black’s rebounder exercise programs speak for themselves. She understands women’s fitness challenges and provides excellent guidance on how to warm up, pace, and feel challenged when you are ready. This is partly because Black trained in the fitness industry for over twelve years and has a background as a certified strength trainer and rehabilitation assistant educator. Her programs are perfect for those thirty plus, baby boomers, and seniors. She knows how to put the fun into functional fitness programs and relate to women.

“Bouncin’ In the House” is one of the best rebounder workouts for women that is safe and effective. Its a perfect beginning or intermediate rebounder exercise DVD or Video. But don’t be fooled by the word “beginning” because this does not mean that you won’t be challenged, nor will you find the mini-trampoline workout routine arduous or too repetitive. You will have fun while improving your health.

Black’s highly recommended Bouncing routines “Smart Bounce Beyond Basics” (with additional cardio), and “Bouncin’ Circuit” (interval training) are two of her other programs that that are receiving great reviews and are perfect addons.