Juice Feasting Ebook by Inspirational Weight Loss Story Author

There are many fasting and body cleansing programs that offer ways to clean toxins from your body or kick in rapid weight loss.

Read a review of a vital program that not only cleanses the body but also fuels it at the same time.

If you have ever tried a liquid fast you may have experienced blood sugar lows, drops in energy levels, and fatigue and then when you returned back to your normal diet your body quickly gained back the weight you lost.

Here is another approach that makes much more sense.

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Juice Feasting, Not Fasting

“A Juice Feaster’s Handbook” by Angel Stokes offers its audience a thorough guide to the ins and outs of a temporary liquid diet.

Through her eBook Stokes creates a resource for anyone interested in juice feasting, especially those looking to partake in the recommended 92 day program. As she makes clear, a juice feast differs greatly from the perhaps more common juice fast.

In the feast, participants take in their usual amount of calories, only the calories are strictly in juice form. Theoretically, they wash their bodies clear of waste and toxins through the fresh and cleansing juices. Conversely, fasts typically focus on depriving the body of calories and foods for a period of time.

A Versatile Cleansing Program

The juicing program calls for fruit and vegetable based food drinks, along with a number of different optional supplements. Stokes provides her readers with the other elements to consider including into their liquid diets like bee pollen, algae, and more.

She not only suggests plenty of supplemental ingredients for the juices, but also supplies resources for purchasing these items. Stokes additionally makes it easy for feasters to incorporate the juice experiment into everyday life with advice on travel and discussing the feast with others.

For those in need of further support, Stokes offers internet and consulting resources. She also discusses how to handle challenges within the juice practice like food cravings, emotional releases, and managing the metabolism. In reality, it is difficult to imagine an area of the cleansing diet that Stokes does not cover in her thorough yet easily readable eBook.

An Autobiographical Feast Supports and Inspires Readers

A large portion of the text pertains directly to Stokes’ own experience with juicing. Readers will find Stokes’ personal account of her feasting journey particularly insightful and beneficial. As Stokes completed the 92 day exercise herself, she kept a blog to document the process. She pulls her information from the blog for this first hand account featured in her book.

Through her honest stories, she shares the multifaceted adventure of the juiced produce journey in an attempt to help others with their own feasting endeavors. She not only includes the physical aspects of the three month process, but also the emotional, spiritual and even social factors that accompany this juice-based health plan.

Throughout the book, Stokes includes photographs of her juice adventure, reassuring readers that the feast leaves one looking vibrant and healthy. Her photographs further ignite the inspiration in her readers, while providing a valuable author to audience connection so often missing from eBooks.

“A Juice Feaster’s Handbook” provides the necessary resources for anyone to embark upon their own juice feasting experience. Stokes’ passion for healthy living remains crystal clear throughout the entire piece, as does her knowledge of the specific juice feast. She thoughtfully articulates the elements of this cleansing endeavor, and opens her readers up to a variety of resources to accompany them through a live food liquid diet of their own.