Find Organic and Natural Hair Products for Silky, Shiny, Healthy Hair

Natural Soaps and Shampoos for Dry Skin and Scalp, Damaged Hair and
Chemically Treated Hair

With healthy shampoos you can give your hair the nutrients it needs to repair the damage chemically laden store
bought shampoos, dyes and chemical treatments can do to your hair.

Here you can find organic natural hair products that out-perform premium salon hair shampoos, and natural hair products
that revitalize and help restore your hair.

Many people do not know that sodium lauryl sulfate is a cheap ingredient that many manufacturers use in their hair
care products.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (it also has other names often used to disguise it’s presence like SLS), is a caustic detergent
useful for removing grease, such as that on garage floors. Although commonly included in personal care items (shampoos
and toothpastes etc.) it can irritate skin and should never be swallowed. Stir clear from any products that you place
on your skin, your body’s largest organ, that contain SLS – for your skin naturally absorbs whatever you put on it.

How Does Your Shampoo Hold Up? Benefits of an All Organic or Natural Hair Product

To maintain healthy hair and scalp, organic shampoo is necessary. Non-organic detergent-based compounds that contain
harsh chemicals can leave your scalp flaky and itchy and cause hair to become dull, inflexible and lose its lush

Shampoos ingredients that are organic may list vitamins such as Vitamin E, natural oils such as hemp oil or citrus
oil, protein and essential fatty acids, and provide abundant amounts of nutrients and essential oils that make your
hair healthy, shiny and beautiful, but will not list sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates or any petroleum derivatives.

Other non-organic ingredients to avoid include propylene glycol, a component in brake fluid and industrial antifreeze;
diethanolamine (DEA), a solvent; and methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl paraben which can cause irritation or rashes
and are all highly toxic.

Natural soaps and shampoos allow hair’s luster to shine through. Many cases of dandruff are actually only flaking
caused by chemically-based hair care products and readily disappear when organic cleansing products are used. Organic
and natural shampoos will penetrates and strengthen your hair, and if damaged and chemically treated you don’t want
to add more chemicals or toxic elements.

Why not choose natural soaps and organic shampoos that have refreshing natural scents, rather than overpowering
perfume. They improve hair condition rather than creating more damage with each cleansing? Choose products with the
largest percentage of organic compounds as possible and enjoy gorgeous, bouncy, shiny hair and a healthy scalp because
the natural ingredients and micro-nutrients will strengthen your hair and keep it healthy.

A Tip about Essential Oils:

Oil : This versatile oil has many uses; as a rub for muscular pain, gout, rheumatism and it is excellent for
scalp problems like dandruff and itchiness. For scalp conditions or as a hot-oil treatment for damaged hair: Warm
the oil slightly, and gently rub a small amount into the scalp and/or hair, wrap a towel around your head, and
leave on for one hour. Shampoo out, and feel the difference.

Some of Our Favorite Organic and Natural Hair Shampoos

Shampoo : Made with organic ingredients this natural shampoo is very unique, safe, and completely natural. This
is a quality hair care formula with herbs, organic extracts, minerals, sunscreen, pro-vitamin B-1 and wheat protein.
No toxic laureth, oxide, or petroleum derivatives. This is a proven all natural shampoo with organic ingredients.

Family Shampoo : Also made with 64% organic ingredients. Kathy’s Family prairie therapy shampoo gently and effectively
cleanses the hair with natural plant extracts and proteins while adding body and shine.

It has certified organic Hemp oil in it which is a rich source of essential fatty acids. This oil promotes and maintains
healthy hair and scalp. Excellent for all hair types and scented with citrus oils for an invigorating hair care experience.
Again free from SLS or sodium lauryl or laureth sulfates and other petroleum derived ingredients.

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