All Natural Shower and Bath Products Including Aromatherapy

Live with Healthy, Radiant, Glowing Skin Using All-Natural Herbal Shower and Bath Products

Holistic Health Bath Solutions – Find vitamin-enriched, all-natural herbal shower and bath products.

You will love the herbal body wash products featured with all natural products, that deeply cleanses and moisturizes your skin.

All natural products help heal, soothe and strengthen your skin while giving your skin a softer and healthier glow.

There are some common situations where a honest friend can be vital. Only a true friend will
tell you when you have dandruff flakes on your navy blazer or when your breath would stop a train. Body care is
one of the most neglected areas, for some people.

The difference a good cleansing regimen can make is quite marked. Please take time to investigate the natural difference
inherent in these cleansing products. Your body will thank you and, maybe, your friends will thank you too.

When shopping for bath and shower products you want to find ones that are free from toxic elements and contain all natural ingredients. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it absorbs what you put on it. Therefore it is wise to only shower and bathe with ingredients that are gentle and toxic free.

You want to shop for body wash products that:

  • Gently cleanse and moisturize your skin using the finest natural oils, plant proteins and vital nutrients.
  • Has a refreshing natural scent that is not perfume or cologne based. An Aroma therapy bath product is a nice choice providing healing benefits.
  • Are free of the harsh detergents that are usually found in store and salon bought body wash products, such as
    propylene glycol, or sodium laureth sulfate. (both are known to be toxic when absorbed).
  • Include vital ingredients to support both dry and oily skin giving the skin a PH balance.

Some of Our Favorite Bath and Shower Products

Look for body wash products or body wash combined with cream blends that combine herbal infusions to create balance and synergy. You will find products which have relaxing essences for evening, or rivigorating essences for your morning shower. You can also purchase soy or beeswax bath candles for a real infusion of decadance. In today’s new Organic Bodycare products essential
oils, herbs, and botanicals are delicately combined creating distinctive fragrances that offer a simple, but distinguishing natural herbal motif.

Some popular aroma therapy bath product scents:

  • Cardamom Spice
  • Citrus – Grapefruit Orange
  • Lavender Petitgrain
  • Patchouli Sage
  • Ylang Ylang

Some of the best oils are organic coconut, olive, and jojoba oils, combined pure essential oil blends. Also check to make sure your bodywash products are free of laurel or laureth sulfate or harsh chemicals so you can enjoy it safely knowing you are not introducing toxic elements to your skin. Check for synthetic fragrances, dyes or pigments used. And shy away from any type of paraben since reports are coming in that even small amounts are not the best. A fabulous resource for checking out the ingredients in your personal care products is the Cosmetic DataBase where you can type in any ingredient and receive a score alerting you to the personal care products ingredient safety.

Body butters that are ideal are mango, coconut, shea butters which are simply lucious for you skin. You can also make your own personal bath products by buying ingedients and using home recipes to create your own bath products.

Learn more about making your own > Body Care Recipes and Ingredients

Shower and Bath Products

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