Famous Psychics Develop Abilities in Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Clairvoyance

Would You Like to Learn to Use
Psychic Powers?

Many of us have read about or experienced the work of famous psychic mediums like Edgar Cayce, John Edwards, James
Van Praagh, John Holland, Sylvia Browne, or George Anderson.

Some of the less famous but still authentic psychic mediums are even more gifted, but haven’t yet gained the same
level of notoriety as the more famous intuitives. A clear example is New Zealand’s Jenny Crawford, a gifted spirit
communicator and author of “Through the Eyes of Spirit” and “Spirit of Love.” She’s been a teacher,
lecturer, and international medium since 1977, and conducts workshops and seminars, along with offering public and
private clairvoyant demonstrations and readings. The information she provides is accurate, and of equal importance,
is offered from a loving heart.

No doubt, some psychic readers are fakes. Unscrupulous people looking to exploit the weaknesses of others can often
make good money by duping their clients. All it takes are enough psychological persuasion skills to pull off the
cons. A person who engages a paranormal reader needs to use discernment–the validity of the information presented
by trusting their own heart and mind to discern–to separate the wheat from the chaff. Relying on one’s own inner
wisdom will also prevent reliance on mediums, which sometimes leads to psychic addiction. It’s wise to first seek
our answers from within, and then work with only a proven reputable practitioner to confirm our own intuitions. Sometimes
life is challenging, and receiving the support of a high-integrity psychic medium can help.

When looking for a reader, it’s useful to know that there are many types of psychic abilities. Clairvoyance means “clear
seeing,” and people with this gift can see beyond normal human sight into other dimensions. These include the
human and animal energy fields, the light projected by all living things, and spiritual entities co-existing in the
earth planes.

Clairaudience means “clear hearing,” and intuitives with this skill can hear the subtle messages that
arise from their subconscious, guidance from their higher self, spirit communications from their guides and angels,
and information from those crossing over or residing on the other side.

Clairsentience means “clear feeling,” and these mediums sense the subtle somatic messages conveyed through
the human body. Often, energy workers and the most effective massage practitioners are gifted clairsentients. Many
who are clairvoyant and/or clairaudient are also clairsentient to some level.

In addition to this type of psychic ability–the ones that are sensory-based–other forms of mediumship include
automatic writing, channeling, healing, inspired tarot, numerology, and astrology readings, intuitive counseling,
past life readings, pendulum guidance, and many other forms of ESP and metaphysical skills.

Even if you can’t afford a session with a famous psychic medium, or even a local reader, you can learn to use psychic
powers–those that exist within your heart. Sonia Choquette’s books are a great place to start if you’re interesting
in spending some time building these types of psychic abilities.

Playful, safe, and supportive guidance lead you towards your own true nature. The exercises in the course will take
you deeper into your own soul so that you can discover who you are and what is possible beyond the physical realm.

Sonia Choquette: Psychic U: Level 1 – Activating
your Sixth Sense & Living an Extraordinary Life

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