Herbal Formulas for Prostate Health and Dr. Leia Answers Question About Headaches After Sex

Causes of Headaches After Sex and Herbal Formulas for Prostate Health

Question for Dr. Leia: I know this sounds weird but my husband has been getting severe migraine headaches after ejaculation and intercourse which causes him incredible pain. I have looked for symptoms that would cause this but I have found none. Do you have any ideas what would cause the body to respond in this way?

Dr. Leia’s Answer: Your husband’s migraine headaches are much more common than you realize. They are more common in men than women in a ratio of 4:1. Usually they are benign, but you should have his doctor do further testing to rule out a more significant serious organic cause.

Further testing could include blood pressure testing, cardiovascular testing, a CAT scan, an MRI, and a MRA. The cause is usually neural in origin and can be related to exertion and directly linked to sexual activity or orgasm. These headaches can occur before, during, or after intercourse and are generally termed coital headaches, exertional headaches, or effort migraines.

I would recommend that your husband get further testing to rule out any of the more serious problems, especially if these are new symptoms. It is also recommended that he learn to relax his pelvic muscles and not try to strain too hard during intercourse.

Possibly biofeedback training, acupuncture and/or hypnosis are natural methods to assist him to relax and could be helpful if it proves to be a simple cause/effect and not a more serious organic problem. I hope that this information helps you to better understand the problem and assist you in seeking the cause.

Dr. Leia Melead

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