Important Facts About the Prostate and Supplements for Prostate Health

Maintaining a Healthy Prostate – Supplements for Prostate Health

BPH Prevention and Healthy Bladder Function

Maintaining a healthy prostate should be a priority for men and their are many supplements to help men maintain
prostate health.

As a man ages, benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) can result in enlargement of this key component to sexual and urinary
health. BPH can cause prostate swelling; holistic treatment and prostate natural care provides prostate health maintenance.
The prostate can become a site for cancer requiring debilitating surgery.

Prostate vitamins offer natural BPH protection. Soybeans and legumes contain phytoestrogens offering health maintenance
for the prostate. Tomato products, grapefruit and watermelon contain lycopene, an antioxidant, which adds to protection.

Selenium and vitamin E both work to prevent prostate cancer. Too much fat in the diet can increase chances of dreaded
prostate disorders.

Prostate supplements for nourishing the prostate gland treat enlarged prostate naturally. If you experience irritable
bladder; treat naturally with natural prostate health dietary supplements taken daily.

Supplements for prostate health combined with a sensible diet high in vitamins and minerals allow men to age with
good prostate health. Taking a prostate health complex daily is inexpensive, easy and effective. However, every man
over age 40 should have regular health checks that include prostate examination and testing.

When prostate disorders are caught early, they are highly treatable and frequently curable.

Important Facts about Prostate Health

Prostate Gland Overview: The prostate gland in human males is located below the bladder
and surrounds the urethra through which urine passes.

Prostate gland secretions comprise a large portion of seminal fluid and proper function of the gland is crucial
to sexual capability in men.

As a man ages, benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) can cause the prostate to enlarge and cause urinary and sexual
function difficulties.

Supplements for prostate health can slow or halt the progress of BPH or inflamation known as Prostatitis. Prostate
cancer is also a concern and by age 40 a men should begin having PSA testing to catch any signs of prostate cancer
early providing easy treatment.

Vitamin C and Zinc as well as Essential fatty acids are healthy choices that can can help with BPH symptoms.

Watching cholesterol levels is also advisable, because cholesterol can accumunate in an unhealthy prostate.

Excellent Supplements for Prostate Health

The build-up of hormones and toxin levels can have a negative effect on the prostate and on the reproductive system
and that is why its important to help men maintain healthy hormone levels while helping to safeguard
the millions of prostate cells.

Some Beneficial Ingredients in Prostate Vitamins and Prostate Supplements

Nettle Root: Helps inhibit DHT testosterone that triggers prostate growth in men over

Selenium: Targeted antioxidant protection for prostate gland and semen.

Saw Palmetto: It helps inhibit DHT testosterone that triggers prostate growth and relieve
urinary complaints associated with an enlarged prostate.

Lycopene: Equal to 5000 mcg. (4500 more mcg!) A potent antioxidant found in tomatoes,
lycopene is highly effective in providing targeted antioxidant protection for prostate tissues.

Pumpkin Seed: A rich source of fatty acids which can enhance healthy cell development.

Pau D’Arco: The natural remedy is traditionally used for treating a wide range of conditions. some of these include
joint discomfort and inflammatory conditions, such inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis), boils and
ulcers. Pau D’Arco is actually the inner bark of the Tabebuia avellanedae tree and is native to Brazil.

Pygeum: Blocks excess hormone build-up in the prostate for proper size and comfort. It
is an evergreen tree that is found in the higher elevations of central and southern Africa.

Iodine: Provides nourishment to the prostate.

Zinc: An essential mineral that’s vital to the total reproductive system