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Writers at are successful self driven experts who love sharing valuable health information with the world.  As a result, they receive a high income. We are proud to be the only health website to provide writers with a 100% revenue share on their content. You will become the editor of your own section within Healthynewage. A typical “day at work” would include releasing well informed articles, checking in and answering forum questions via social media and liaising with corporate clients who wish to sponsor an article. Whether you are a parent who would like to work from home, a free spirited person who loves to travel, or a medical professional seeking to be featured on a global platform, Healthynewage offers you the freedom to work wherever and whenever you want, with unlimited potential and full training to help you reach your goals. Becoming an editor with us is an exclusive opportunity. To be successful, you have to be dedicated to your goals, with professional ism and integrity. However the benefits and freedom of working via the internet are priceless.

Currently, we have a limited range of categories available to new writers. You will create and own authoritative content in one particular category of your choice. The following options are still available:

(Fitness / Personal training, Pregnancy, Mental Health / Psychology, Nursing, Cancer, Diabetis, Weight Loss, First Aid, Medical Travel, Dentistry, Cycling and outdoors, sexual health, COPD, Health Insurance, Nutrition.)

Frequently asked questions about being a writer with Healthynewage: 

Why partner with

weightlossShare what you know best with others around the world and change thousands of lives

weightlossBuild and maintain your reputation as an authority on health and medical affairs

weightlossYou will always have the ownership right to content you produced

weightlossReceive 100% of the revenue for your content, paid directly by Google

weightlossExperience our synergy when we circulate your articles to thousands of our loyal readers

weightlossBe in charge of your own schedule, receive excellent support and technical writing advise

weightlossCreate for yourself a passive revenue business that will last many years and be associated with a strong brand


I am a health expert but need help with writing and publishing online. What assistance do you provide?

If you have basic computer literacy and can access the Internet, our technical team will take care of all the rest. Our content management systems are super easy to use and we will provide you with full training on how to use it.

How much do I earn as a writer?

We will help you to place Google contextual advertising alongside all your content. Good writers who produce valuable content earn on average $4000 to $6000 per month based on 600 pages of content but this can be much higher. It all depends on your level of effort to create great content. Hosting your content within a strong community like is far more profitable than owning your own website. This is because we have been established since 1998 and have a growing audience and a community of writers who create a strong synergy. You receive 100% of the advertising revenue for your content and sponsorship fees when you agree to publish an article for a corporate client.

How do I get paid?

You will have your own account with Google Adsense. Their payment system is highly reliable as they transfer your monthly earnings directly to your bank account with payments available in more than 21 countries. This means that even if you move country or are an international traveller, you will still receive full and prompt payment wherever you are. If you charge a local business or brand a fee for a review article in your section, you will also receive 100% of the payment, which is directly made to you. You are allowed to sell your own e-books within your editorial section, which is a great source of revenue.

What is the minimum criteria to be accepted as a professional writer with

Be qualified or knowledgeable in the area that you write about – and have 10 articles ready to prove that

Be able to contribute at least 20 new articles per month (this can include articles provided by your colleagues or associates)

Have a good level of integrity and sensitivity to be a representative of our community

Be fluent in written and spoken English, with a verifiable individual profile

What do I require to obtain a Google Adsense account?

We will provide you with a unique portal within Once you submitted your first 10 articles you can apply to Google Adsense for an account. Google will review the quality of your content and approve your application. Our team will work with you to ensure that your approval is granted swiftly.

Do I have to add a certain amount of articles regardless of how big my site becomes?

Once you reach about 600 pages of high quality content you will receive frequent repeat visitors and high advertising revenues from those pages. This means that you can relax more and focus on social media activities. It also means that you no longer have to produce a minimum of 20 articles per month. If you start out with no content, the first few months will be more intense, in order to get content established. Remember that once you created valuable content, people will repeatedly visit your content for many years and each piece of quality health content you produce is like a long term investment as it will produce passive income for you and help thousands of people around the world to enjoy a more healthy lifestyle.

Can I allow other writers to contribute towards my category?

Yes, as the Editor of a category, you will have the ability to approve other writers and their content.  All the advertising revenue generated from their articles will be earned by you. This is a huge opportunity, because many people seek to contribute casually in order to be featured on popular websites like Healthynewage. You will have the ability to approve or disapprove of content contributed to your category.

How do I apply to become an editor with

To become an editor you should demonstrate commitment by having your first 10 articles ready for approval. You can submit your first article, together with your own biography in the application form below. Our main editor will review your application in due course. We will give preference to applicants who completed the free digital publishing course which has been created by our editor. Please feel free to enrol on the course ASAP.

Please apply here:


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